The journey to freedom is a ride to the depth of your inner being; the path that shows the whole and complete you. It is then you realize, you need the darkness for your light to shine forth.

Darkness in this context is a metaphorical meaning for fears, ignorance, foolishness and every other adjectival description of lack of knowledge.

It is no doubt that without darkness, you cannot experience and appreciate the light. You have to realize that light and darkness work together to bring out the power in you.

If you keep running and avoiding your darkness, it would keep hurting in unexpected ways. Yes, darkness is threatening, but it is just there to allow your light burst from within.

Come to think of it, if you don’t face darkness, how can you share so much light to the world. How do you explain your source of light, when everything was dark? Believe it or not, everyone has their dark times.

Stop running from yourself, appreciate all of you. Your darkness is a part of you. Stop wishing a part of you did not exist; that part is what makes you who you are.

Let go of the guilt and shame of those things you did in ignorance and amidst darkness. Our darkness is there to push us to the light; it is a valuable tool in experiencing more light.

So why do we fear our darkness? What’s the worst that can happen if we turn to face it? what happens after that?

These are meant to be rhetorical questions, but the truth is, the answer is loud to the ears already. Absolutely NOTHING other than greatness.

Let your darkness guide you to the light, to the freedom you so desire, to that life you have always dreamt of.

Live life on your own terms!

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