By Akorede Ajibade

You should no longer define yourself as the son of a father who couldn’t or hasn’t or wouldn’t or wasn’t….. “Never let anyone define who you are or decide who you should become.”

I want you to think and ask yourself this questions, What defines you? Is it Friends, family, background or where you come from, your looks or outer appearance….think about it .

This is a story of LIZZIE VELASQUEZ a motivational speaker (display her picture) she thought her outer appearance is what defines her.

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she wished she could rub off the syndrome and just wanted the troubles of her appearance to be over. She found a video someone posted of her in high school, labeling her the world ugliest woman, no sound, 4million views , thousand of comments ,8 seconds. People said to her; “please do the world a favour and kill yourself, total strangers said that to her. She can only see with one eye and she gets sick a lot but she has a really nice hair.

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Will you let people who talk you down define you? No! let your goals, success and accomplishments define you not your outer appearance, not you confused state and current condition. So work your butt off to make yourself better to show those who talk you down and speak of you negatively that their negative talks didn’t get to you, you have turned it around and used it as a ladder to climb up to your goals.

Tell yourself what you want to be and be it. Use all the negativity you get to light up your fire and keep going.

  • Be ready to fight back
  • Great starts here, your life is in your hands, choose to make a good out of your challenges or make a bad out of it.

Define yourself and use that negativity you have in your life to make yourself better. I guarantee you, you will win!

“Define yourself; you have the monopoly on your life’s dictionary.

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