1. Communicate.

If your marriage is going to survive, you actually have to talk to one another. And not just about your day. Have honest conversations with one another on how you are feeling, what you expect, what is working, not working and never hold things in… that just sets up a breeding ground for resentment.

2. Appreciate.

Make sure you appreciate your partner every day, even for the little things. It’s usually those little things that mean the most. Whatever you do, do not nag or berate your partner for all the things you think they do wrong. Make sure you tell your partner how much he or she means to you. Because if you don’t, I promise you, someone else will.

3. Initiate.

Keep your intimate life spicy. This is one area that should not be neglected. Make time for one another, have sex regularly. Kiss like you did when you first started dating. Touch each other. And be open to new ideas, experimentation, and be sure to take plenty of romantic rendezvous’.

You are responsible for your marriage. If it is failing, do not just blame your partner. Look inward. Where have you fallen short? What can you do to bring it back on course?

Remember, it takes two people to make a commitment work. And you both have to be in it 100 percent.

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