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Prior to the broadcast, presenters may be involved in:
* Researching topics and background information for items to be featured on the programme.
* Planning and rehearsing shows;
writing, and sometimes memorising, scripts.
* Liaising with other members of the production and technical teams.
During the broadcast, presenters may be involved in:
* Introducing and hosting programmes.
* Interviewing guests in the studio, by telephone or on location.
* Playing music.
* Reading short news, traffic, sport or weather reports.
* Providing links between programmes.
* Reading from a script or autocue, or improvising.
* Keeping the programme running to schedule, responding positively and quickly to problems or changes and improvising where necessary.
* Within television, keeping in contact with the director and production team in the studio gallery, via ear-piece link.
* Ater the broadcast, presenters may meet with the production crew to assess or review the broadcast and to plan the next broadcast.
* Radio presenters on music shows usually ‘drive’ the desk and operate some of the technical equipment for recording and playback.
* Preparing the following days show.
* Meeting with the programme management team daily or producer to discuss the day’s show and the content for following day.
* Pre-recording content for the following days or up to 30 days in advance.
* Attending promotional or guest appearances during the day or evening.
* Setting up callers or a caller database.
* Managing exact time commercial break play-outs.
* Talking to time.
* Driving all desk elements for all contributors to the show.
* Brainstorming with production team.
* Creating noteworthy events or promotional activity such as viral content.
* Presenting up to 12 links per hour.
* xcellent communication and presentation skills.
* erformance skills and a clear voice.
* Ability to generate original ideas.
* Personable and confident manner.
* A broad range of interests, including current affairs.
* Good research and interviewing skills.
* Confidence and the ability to sell yourself.
* Awareness of media law.
* The ability to take the initiative and make quick decisions under pressure.
* Team-working skills.
* Creativity and problem-solving skills.
Minimum of HND in media production, drama/performing arts, journalism, Communications studies with 2 years work experience.
Interested individuals should send a cover letter and their resume to the HR Manager through this email address: dglobalconsult or to the reply box attached to the advert page.
Applicants should note that candidates who do not meet up with all the aforementioned criteria will not be contacted for the interview.
Please read safety tips

  • Double check company’s background before an interview.
  • Do not submit any upfront fees for a job application.
  • Do not go to the remote places for an interview.
  • Do not disclose any personal information which could be misused.
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