Performance and specifications

Job Type
A poultry farm supervisor also records data and creates reports on worker attendance, budget, supplies and animal growth.
A poultry farm supervisor assigns duties to farm workers and ensures that they are carried out in an efficient manner; for example, duties might include feeding poultry, shipping eggs or maintaining buildings.
poultry farm supervisor might oversee the machinery that performs certain tasks, such as egg collection.
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Requirements and Skills
Previous experience in a farm setting is generally required
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Minimum Experience
2 years

Ad details

Job details:
A poultry farm supervisor ensures the safety and efficiency of poultry farm operations.
In consultation with the farm manager, a poultry farm supervisor prioritizes tasks and decides on the necessary amount of machinery and number of workers.
Other responsibilities might include training new workers, providing care to injured or ill livestock and enforcing workplace sanitation practices to prevent the spread of disease.
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