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Top Habits Of Great Achievers – Ekene Samuel

by legacy magazine

“The secret of greatness is self-improvement. The best way of self-improvement is self-challenge”                                                                                                     – Myles Munro

No two persons are exactly alike: even the identical twins could still be differentiated. When it comes to achievement, the difference between performances is not the result of natural ability; rather, it is as a result of how far we are able to employ our natural and acquired potentials into what needed to be done.
As far as this difference exists, you must continue to see some persons’ destinies outshining those of others. This is not a farfetched assertion; it has a lot to do with the conventional practices of one over another.
There are practical attributes that can catapult one to the realm of great achievers of our time if you can imbibe them:

  1. They are spiritual; they operate in the supernatural; having utmost faith in God.
  2. They leave no stone unturned. Great achievers understand that every goal is for a period of time; they identify the need to do what is needed at the moment to get what they want. They are masters of time and action. A look at the work of a goldsmith re-emphasizes the trait of a successful person; the goldsmith does not wait for the iron to get cold; he hits it when is it very hot so that the iron can be useful.
  3. When most people are busy complaining about lack of job, money or even a leveled ground to make it; the great highflyer is busy creating his/her own environment – full of opportunities. To accomplish great tasks, you cannot sit and wait for manna to fall from heaven.
  4. They work relentlessly as they are totally involved in the process that leads to results; no dull or boring moment. Consider the world’s famous people, and the records breakers; the only thing in their minds and what they look forward to, is to accomplish their goals. They understand and practice the twin-code of dedication and discipline.
  5. They do not live haphazard or unplanned lives; the activities of their life is structured and organized. They have a clear view of where they are going, and do not do things on impulse.
  6. They are resilient; they do not succumb to rejection; they are always willing to survive through the storms and dark moments. They possess positive mental attitude.
  7. They improve their own lives by improving the lives of others. They understand the power of communication, and they know how to relate with people effectively. They attract people and build great connections. They understand that the only way to motivate others is through shared success.
  8. They see failure as feedbacks; they are not good at making excuses. They are quick at making decisions; defining values and heeding to intuition.
  9. They look for the best in others; and strive to acquire knowledge. They are great learners – wanting to be better in what they do, and seeking for new approaches to tackle problems.
  10. They pay attention to their health. They understand that the journey to success requires a lot of energy and stamina. They engage in activities that will keep them healthy; this spans from brain to mind exercises, body exercise and esteem building processes.
  11. They are guided by the principle: ‘there is a time for everything’. Great achievers know what to do at the right time and place. They do not mix business and pleasure or family etc. They are usually very focused and have no time to stay idle.
  12. They are rugged! There are differences between people, but these differences, sometimes little, sometimes big, makes a whole lot of difference. Jabez in Chron. 4 vs 9 did not stand out because he was a prophet like Moses and Elijah, his willingness to make a difference and not wallow in fate and destiny, caused a shift in the account of his genealogy.

Nelson Mandela singlehandedly led South Africa to regain freedom and put an end to apartheid; that is making a difference! Incorporating this into your life will not only help you hit the limelight, but will keep you relaxed, while you enjoy the expedition of life.
Having a clear idea of dreams that are important to you, gives you the assurance that it is possible; and then it becomes easier to work towards them. The possibility of a vision is not enough, it will achieve no growth or progress, unless it is transformed to reality within a reasonable period.
Conclusively, invest in that which you are passionate about, relinquish that which is less important. Be accountable for your daily productivity. Stand head and shoulder high, go all out and be productive.

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