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By Bisola Aiyansola 

One of the signs of a slay queen in this modern day is Hookah. If you do not smoke hookah you probably do not know how to vamp, and that automatically disqualifies you from the slay mama gang. It is an everyday thing on Snapchat these days. People even have it mobile. They keep it in their purses or bags because of its portability. It ranges from different shapes to different sizes.

Hookah is a single or multi-stemmed tobacco smoking style. Hookah can also be called Shisha, Naghile, Argileh and Hubble-bubble. It was invented in India in the 15th century. Over the years, Shisha has been the new trend in the US and other countries including Nigeria. Most people believe smoking shisha is safer than smoking cigarette but the truth is that the tobacco in a hookah pipe is no less toxic than in cigarette because Shisha smokers inhale large volume of smoke in one smoking session than in a cigarette. It comes in different flavors such as, Orange Keef, Lavender mint, Root beer, Citrus Ice, Cucumberita, Stout Stone Mint, Peach, Pear chill, White Gummi bear, Orange soda and so on.

The rate at which people smoke Shisha  in the last few years especially females is very disturbing. Some even go as far as making Shisha a source of livelihood. They invest in Shisha business and grow in it. Sometimes ago, I was at a party and someone offered me a Shisha, I said ‘No thanks’. Then he said ‘e no dey shack na’. Well as far as I am concerned, smoking Shisha is detrimental to ones health. The fact that the pipe can even be shared by many people is so irritating. Some people might even have herpes or other mouth infections that are easily communicable, and then they just keep passing the thing around and inhaling it as if they are having a blow job.

Shisha has been referred to as a Show-off because it does not have any health benefit rather it has loads of harm it does to the body.

  • Shisha contains more carbon monoxide (car exhaust) and if in the system, replaces oxygen making it hard for the body to deliver oxygen to vital organs thereby leading to organs damage.
  • Shisha is as dangerous as cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoke is generated by tobacco burning while shisha smoke is produced by heating tobacco using charcoal.
  • Shisha contains substances that are harmful, costic compounds and heavy metals like lead and cobalt with are harmful to the body.
  • Shisha contains a host of cancer causing substances or chemicals.
  • Shisha smoke releases harmful chemicals that slowly damage certain parts of the body which might not be noticeable early, e.g heart diseases, lung diseases and other deadly diseases.
  • Shisha has adverse effect when taken by pregnant women because they might be exposing their unborn child to various birthin g problems.
  • Shisha can be very addictive. Shisha smokers have a feeling of pleasure when they smoke so they tend to get addicted to it.
  • Shisha smoke increases the risk of spreading infectious diseases while sharing the same mouthpiece. It can lead to lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, tuberculosis, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, hepatitis and Cardiovascular diseases.


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