Silhouette of woman, close-up

The very woman of the ages

But not the least aged

Considerably wonderful and powerful

Inherently good and truthful

Versatile and judiciously meticulous

Morally perfect and trustworthy

Ingeniously proficient and thriftily labourious

Tirelessly dutiful and healthy

Joyfully efficient and watchfully cautious

Charitably benevolent and generously merciful

Fearlessly provident and cleverly decorative

Refined in taste and respectfully popular

Industriously prosperous and dependably honest

Confidently hopeful and wisely discreet.

Kind and understanding in all her dealings

Prudently practical, energetic and ever active

An ideal wife and mother

Honoured by her family and by the public

Excels in virtue, God fearing and humble

Deserving successfully and undoubtedly determined

A virtuous woman who can find?

A loving caring sister who can find?

Whose price is extremely invaluable

Who knows when and how to act rightly

Who makes her covering of tapestry

Who never exposes her nakedness

But her clothing would show marks of refinement

Properly dressed in silk and purple

Honourably natural and not artificially made–up

She opens her mouth and speaks wisdom

Kindness is the grace of her lips

She is intelligent and highly cultured in mind and manner

She is graceful and even tempered in all her ways

She is an excellent example of a meek and quiet spirit

She instructs her house in practical Christianity

And industry and sets them in business and

Untiring improvement of mind, soul and body

Knowing that idleness leads to vices,

She sees to it that a good education comes

Next to divine experiences and her children are

Well trained and raised – up to call her blessed

She excels all other women in wifehood,

Motherhood, religion and industry

Beloved, remember favour is deceitful

And beauty is vain but the woman that fears the Lord

Shall be praised and exceedingly rewarded.

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