The love that will not let me go

I entrust in you my precious soul

Cause you‘ll bring to pass my desired goal

I have no doubt it will be so

I cast my all in your glorious care

I shall entertain no more fear

Your good tidings I will undeniably share

To those who have clear ears to hear

Beloved, when you hear Him, open your heart

If you believe and accept Him, you’ll surely take part

In following Jesus Christ through the golden path

Do not be satisfied with the mundane things on earth

Rather be satiated with the mansion above the sky

Even though your mountain are exceedingly high

They ll dissolve befor your very eye

Certainly the devil and his cohorts will sigh

Relax and put your firm trust in God

And continually make use of your unfailingly sword

Then will Jesus show-up as your saving Lord

And shower you with blessings that no man can hold

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