Tales Of a Lekki Tenant – Episode 2

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I had always known I would become a millionaire one day. And now the chance came along with such tremendous luck, I intended to maximise the opportunity to its fullest.
Ben kicked against my plan, insisting the cheapest apartment in a place like Lekki couldn’t be less than a million naira. This, coupled with the fact that I would also be spending a fortune on furniture and other essential luxuries.
Even if I spent two million naira in total, I would still have three million naira left, I reasoned. Living in Lekki might be expensive, but it had its advantages, and it would put me in good stead to roll with the other Lekki big boys! That meant money would flow from my expanded connections, I concluded.
I decided to steer clear of girls and partying. I needed to be prudent to be rich, I thought to myself. So, I went house hunting in Lekki Phase one. It had always seemed to me like paradise. I was always envious whenever a friend said he had moved to Lekki Phase 1.
Honestly, my friend was wrong – totally wrong. The house I got in Lekki Phase 1 cost me 1.8 million naira, this being a year’s rent for a two-bedroom apartment. I couldn’t go back to the one room lifestyle I had been used to. I was way above that now. The estate agent took me to see the house and I was wowed! I could already view myself living in that house.
Suddenly, and like lightening, something else struck me. I could create a studio for myself in the apartment since I wouldn’t be using the other room. I had to soundproof the room though, so it wouldn’t disturb other tenants.
That sealed it. I was getting that apartment. Ben was totally against it citing how ridiculous my expenses would rise to, but seeing I wasn’t going to budge, he let me be.
Eventually, I paid for the house, bought TV sets, rugs, beddings and mattresses, kitchen utensils and equipment, food stuff and snacks, new clothes and shoes.
Ahhhh! I never knew how amazing shopping really was, until now! Of course, having money makes it a whole lot easier and sweeter!
My studio was ready as well, costing me eight hundred and fifty thousand naira to set it up. At the end of it all, I had about 1.5 million naira left.
My house was now fully set and I eventually moved in two months after payment.  “Omo, na so my rent just dey run dey go?” I  pondered.
“Lai lai,” I swore, never to be broke again. I knew for the next two months I wasn’t going to be having any issues of any sort with feeding. My house had been fully stocked with all manner of food items.
Ben finally came visiting, and he was totally amazed and impressed at what he saw. He came with the good news of his new job offer at a multinational company and I was so happy for him. His new salary was way better than what he was earning previously.
“What are you waiting for Ben? Come over to Lekki. This is where the life is!” I told him.
Ben laughed and waved off what I said. He said he had already moved to Obalende, which happened to be closer to his new office at Victoria Island, though his new residence was still a one room apartment.
I can safely tell you that there is a huge difference between living in posh areas like Banana Island or Lekki Phase 1 and living in a ghetto like Ajegunle. I spent my first month mostly indoors. It was cool enjoying the air conditioned environment of my apartment from morning till night and watching all the movies that caught my fancy.
Soon, I got bored and decided to go out to hunt for artistes whose music I would produce in my studio. I got hold of a few talents but soon found out it was far cheaper producing music in AJ than in Lekki. I was running at a loss already.
These spoilt Mummy’s Boys would come into my studio and have me produce great beats and songs for them, and then offer to pay meagre sums like twenty thousand naira or fifteen thousand naira, despite the fact that I still provided them refreshments during studio sessions.
I felt disappointed and decided it would not be profitable to continue. I intended making over two hundred and fifty thousand from each production. These meagre sums weren’t what I was expecting from the business.  So I stopped music production temporarily. I needed to make money fast. Months kept moving fast, I needed to make money fast. Expenses were running high and it was getting rather frightening. There had to be a solution.
Just as I promised myself, I stayed away from girls and from partying, partly also because I had signed an agreement form from the landlord stating to be of best behaviour since I was single, and the landlord preferred couples and married folks in his house. I had practically begged him to allow me rent the house.
Little was I expecting what befell me.
to be continued..

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