Secrets Of The Achiever

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“One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential untapped”
Myles Munroe.
Having what it takes to robust in life, and yet, languish on the side-line like a dried ‘bonga’ is a paradox of the highest order. At every point in time, we notice the seemingly natural discrimination among people where you find some persons having the edge in life over others and you begin to wonder why. The fact you must know is that there has never been the dearth of desire for more and better things in life as far as all individuals are concerned; what you find as stack reality is the reluctance of many to work out their desires and dreams. While you wonder at this, it should not surprise you because we have said before now, that the difference between people is not a matter of race, sex or pigmentation, it is a matter of how far they are ready to deploy their minds
To achieve in any sphere of life, you must be prepared to go the extra mile, do the unusual things – unusual things don’t bring about achievement.
Every good thing in life has a beginning, and for the achiever, inner motivation is what is needed. No body can encourage you better than yourself. No matter how much urging or prodding you receive from the outside concerning anything, it is your personal conviction concerning it that will trigger your action. What you need to achieve greatness is a strong indefatigable will-power to succeed. Some have this notion that achievement depends on hard work; but I beg to disagree. Hard work without coordination and purpose is mere labour and labour surely will produce sweat. The difference between a loser and a winner is not in the amount of work; but the understanding of the mysteries and practicing the principles behind greatness. These are door openers to achievement you need to have at your finger tips.

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