In my passing thoughts, I am sure if these migrants knew they were going to be slaves they would have stayed back in their country and endure the pain and unbearable grief. In the midst of frustration from the uneasy lifestyle and finding a means of survival, led them to a deeper pain.

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How can a man enslave another man! No pity or remorse at all.  My heart bleeds as I see our own people suffer and being enslaved. It even hurts more when I read the unfair comments: “why did they leave Nigeria, why can’t they stay and hustle”… enough of this!….. I pray none of us get to our most frustrating state, where we are stuck and left with the option to take any available surviving route. Some are sourcing for help, but still let’s also look into our selves for economic and social solutions to stop this from happening again.

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For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhance the freedom of others.  I hope the government will not just break the chains of slavery but will build towards a better tomorrow in our country.

#saynotoslavery #Endslaveryinlibya

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