I heard the shuffling sound again.My heart began to beat uncontrollably fast, wandering in despair. The thickness of the night was visible. Somehow, I remembered I had lost my rechargeable touch light during the heavy down pour a day before.

Suddenly, I realised I could use the torch light on my Infinix Hot Note 2. Where is my phone? I scrabbled and searched frantically in my thought. The fear of the robbers had over taken me. “Oh gosh, I have the phone right in my hand” I said to myself in silence.

Immediately, I turned on the torch of my phone, the room got illuminated and I didn’t see anything.

*Heaves a sigh of relief* “must be from my dream”, I said to myself.I attempted going back to my 6 by 6 Vita foam to rest my head as I had earlier been sleeping on the cool floor because of the irritating heat largely caused by PHCN’s usual failure.

“tsh tsh tsh….Pakan”

That was a pot falling, the sound clearly came from the kitchen

“Omg!” I exclaimed in my mind, someone has gotten into the house. I covered the light from my phone immediately, looking around, with eyes darting from the door to the windows.

Now I could hear their feet shuffling at the backyard. I should call someone, but my palms had gone moist and stiff.

‘Ding’ the ping sound rang too loud, reverberating in my ears.Oh no, don’t ring loud so they won’t know I’m here, I silently said to my phone like it could hear me. Swiftly, I tapped the phone to silence.

Silence ensued afterwards, everywhere went noiseless and I was scared. Did they hear the ping sound as well? Were they coming to my room already?

The sudden rattling sound at the door made me jump out of my skin, I shut my eyes tight, holding my phone to my chest.

‘Gboom’ something hit my room door, in reflex action, I opened my eyes to brightness. PHCN finally decides to bring the light at this hour. The shadows casted from beneath the door space caught my eyes, getting larger and closer.

It was a swift movement, I gasped for breath quickly as soon as I saw them. Fortunately they couldn’t get to where I laid. I hissed out of relief and frustration.

“Stupid rat and cockroach”.

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