Reasons Why You Should Never Hate On People.

MIAMI BEACH, FL - OCTOBER 30: A person holds a sign that reads, 'Stronger than Hate,' as she joins with others for a Community-Wide Solidarity Vigil at the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach to remember the victims of the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh temple on October 30, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida. Eleven people were killed in an attack at the Tree of Life Congregation in PittsburghÕs Squirrel Hill neighborhood on Oct. 27. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
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Hate is a strong emotional dislike towards something or someone. It degrades your soul by putting you in a negative state of mind. Reasons you should avoid developing hatred for people are:
1. The person inderectly owns you : Now by hating someone , you think of them most times they occupy a space in your life, by so doing you letting them to take over your thoughts and thoughts are very expensive, they are 90% of your money (yes, i like money) so don’t waste them. Perhaps this will end up dictating certain aspects of your life success, where you can go, who you can talk to, be friends with, so on, you have handed control of your life over to someone you don’t like, without knowing it.
2. Hate degrades your soul and life:Whatever someone must have done to you, to deserve your hatred, it’s not worth degrading, belittling, and abusing yourself to start hating. Whatever they have done is in the past and because of that the only place it should exist is in your head. It is only your own inability and unwillingness to forgive that is causing the suffering. You must ask yourself this question “How much does it pay me to hold unto this hatred”? OK on a serious note, “What does it benefit me to hold unto this resentment”? Please set yourself free, it’s not worth it.
3. A little anger can cause you a bigger problem. The worst kind of problem is that which is hate oriented. Few days back i heard a terrible news, that a guy burnt his South African Ex-girl friend, beyond recognition “Oh! Sorry i don’t bring that kind of news here “. But what must have prompted such action?.
Few weeks back our celebrity fashionista Mercy Aigbe was beaten blue and black by her husband, which led to some damages in her body. Anyways, domestic is no longer news in Nigeria, I can go on and on but the basis for this crime is sudden hatred, imagine someone can walk up to somebody else put gun to the fore head and kill the person. We Christians all know that the origin of hate. When Cain slew Abel then he tried to cover it up (perjury) when God ask him if he had seen his brother . We all know that the outcome. Try as much as possible to abstain from hatred, it’s more dangerous than acid. What You Can Do To Control Hate:
1. Only people who hate themselves can hate people : If they hate you ,please it’s not your problem atal, it’s because they are hurting, if only you know the pain people pass through hating someone, you will just choose to love, people hate you because they are insecured, threatened by you and trying to protect jealousy that the only reason, because someone that loves you cannot come and start hating you because one simple mistake you made, the person can only get angry for a while.
2. Learn to ignore peoples bad quality and pay attention to their good quality : When you allow yourself to get carried away by hatred, you have lost your sense of good reasoning and you are only focusing on the persons negative traits .
3. Take charge of advancing on how to treat people: Always take upon yourself not to hate people, you will rather let them be, than having them on your black book, if they have done something terrible to you, the best option is not to bring it to your thought, just leave them and run your race. In conclusion : when you feel the room is dark, there is a reason to let in light, because when you focus only on what is negative it causes alot of damages, it is good to balance that with positive focus.

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