“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I am a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup. Invest in your skin; it is going to represent you for a very long time”.

It is not news that promoting businesses, career and talent is one of our core values to support hard working individuals who have created a successful path to follow; creating a legacy for the benefit of others to enjoy.

On this episode, Miss Jeibor Eniye Blessing; CEO and originator ENISOAPANDSCRUBS was interviewed by our very own Akorede .

It is so thrilling to know that Jeibor Eniye Blessing who hails from Delta state Nigeria, is a 23 years old Skin therapist and entrepreneur, who is  the first born, from a family of 6. She is a graduate of Business Administration majored in HRM from Wisconsin university, Accra Ghana, as well a trained Uk certified natural Skincare therapist.


Eni’s natural skin care, hair care and body essentials create and provide healthy, effective skin care and wellness products, designed to improve the skin, hair and body.  We sell at reasonable prices made from fruits, herbs, spices, essentials oils and organic butters .Our products are handmade and are also made with the best ingredients nature has to offer such as Shea-nut butter, flowers, essential oils and more.


The story of what inspired ENISOAPANDSCRUBS

Well it all started when I got a skincare product that spoilt and bleached my skin, the bleaching wasn’t intentional but with time I discovered I was getting lighter and I didn’t want to stop we all have the perception that when a lotion or cream is working you become lighter, and honestly I wasn’t satisfied I didn’t love my skin tone I wanted to look lighter and attractive and so I kept on using until my family could not recognize me and it was already too late cause I had used my own hands to spoil my skin. My skin had burns, stretch marks, uneven skin, knuckles, skin peel and more. When I tried other products after that it became worst so I decided to do my own research and learn how to make things for myself cause nothing was working for me.. I went back to Accra and did some skin care courses came back and started doing them for myself, I decided to go natural it wasn’t easy trust me I used to have like 5 different cream for my body after using them will wash my hands and then use knuckle cream so all 6 different chemicals on my body so it was really hard looking tanned I was at one point tempted to go back to looking bright but I guess my self-love became stronger. I educated myself on how to love me and my skin tone and being comfortable in my skin tone. Beauty doesn’t describe your skin tone be it white, black, brown or any skin tone you find yourself in, I started my natural journey and people I was working with knew how bad my skin was so when they started seeing changes they kept asking and later were willing to pay for me to make a body scrub for them, that was when I decided to make natural skin care products and create awareness to loving your skin tone.


What drives ENISOAPANDSCRUBS goals?

We are not just selling natural product we are selling the idea that being comfortable and owning your skin tone is being beautiful.

ENISOAPANDSCRUBS products, price list and past clients






Ceaselessly developing high quality, natural and healthy products friendly to the user and environment

Take over the leading market position in the segment of natural skincare products in Nigeria and worldwide, to become the first choice of end users as well as professional users

To have stores and outlets all over Africa and then the world for easy access to end username

Favourite Motivational Quote?

For Enisoapandscrubs:  “Love who you are, own your skin tone,  let people see your dark, brown skin and want to be you”

For me personally I always say: “We become what we think…so think positivity “

Contacts/ social media handles.

Instagram: @enisoapandscrubs

Phone: 08179112973



Twitter: @enisoapandscrubs

Offline Store Address: 31, Alaja Abass Ogudu, Lagos State, Nigeria




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