By Yusuf

A nation that cannot feed its citizens lacks the qualification to be called a wealthy nation. Simply saying, Agricultural business is what is sustaining most of the world’s most developed nations today. Since the 70s Oil boom, the agricultural potential of Nigeria has been totally neglected and untapped, which is the reason for the country’s inability to meet the ever increasing demand for agricultural produce. Nigerians are ignorant of the fact that they are a blessed people with fertile soil, favorable climates condition which is best for growing crops and rearing of animals.

The country possesses Land, Water and Population which are the three key essential ingredients for not just agricultural resources development but also marketing and processing of the food produced..

Heavy investment is needed across board to revamp this sector for an enhanced production and increase its contribution to the GDP.

Without laying too much emphasis on the neglect of agriculture and how it affects us as a nation, let’s run through the various business opportunities in Nigeria Agricultural Sector.

After careful consideration and analysis of all the agribusiness ideas available in the country, the following are the best, practical ones that you should consider investing in:

Crops Production: There is much anticipation for Industrialization of Nigeria, and a relentless call for food sufficiency in the country. All this can be achieved through crops production for food and raw materials which can be used for industrial purposes. It’s only makes sense to consider this a profitable business opportunity..

Food Processing and Preservation: In other to make efficient use of this harvested crops, they can be used as industrial raw materials, processed and packaged for different purpose and preserved to be sold or exported. The business opportunity here lies in the value chain production.

Fisheries and Livestock Production: Livestock production and fisheries presents a business opportunity with much growth potentials for Nigerians. With abundant of grazing lands for animals, stream, rivers and lakes to support fishery.

Transportation: There is need to convey agricultural produce to and fro the farmland, urban areas where they will be consumed and factories or warehouses e.t.c. investing in Trucks, lorries and other machineries for efficient moving of the farm produce is a great business opportunity as it involves goods and services trading.

On-farm and Off-farm Processing: Processing of agriculture product can give variety of values to the same product; a good investment option is to make provisions for the development of small scale automated technologies for on-farm processing, also off-farm processing of products from agricultural processing.

Timber Processing: Another very lucrative business opportunity in agriculture is the timber and wood processing business as there are lots of wood resources in the sector, which can be processed and use for varieties of purpose.

The above stated nusiness opportunities in the agriculture sector of the Nigeria economy are grossly abandoned aand hardly tapped, including the rapid growth in demand for agricultural products; presents an opportunity for Nigerians to make good of their livelihood and also contribute to the development and growth of the country.

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