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Life’s process is a progressive activity. With the right conditions available, life should be a gradual, day-by-day addition of value. A corn is planted, it germinates flowers, produces fruits, and the fruits mature for consumption. A newborn totally depends on people around. It begins with the gradual process of redeeming its freedom by sitting on its own; progress has started! This goes on till the child becomes an adult. Progress like every good thing, is measured by a standard.
Achievement is not a sudden outburst; there are gradations to achieving any success in life, and it is proper we examine them:

  • The Risk and Reward Stage (The Bronze Stage)

This stage is prior to achievement. Opportunities are identified and analyzed at this stage. This is followed by reasonable and calculated risks that are essential for any business take-off. The dominant drivers of this stage are curiosity, idea, thought, interest, and intention.

  • The Task Oriented Stage (The Silver Stage)

After opportunities are analyzed, the next line of action is to go to work! At this stage, task is not tackled headlong; it is divided into smaller tasks for more thorough accomplishment. The mind plays a very important role here because it incubates and harbours your expected goal. When your expectation is constantly visualized by eyes of your mind, you could hardly derail. The drivers of this stage are decision, preparation, enthusiasm and determination.

  • The Gold Stage (Where Plan Meets Work)

This is the stage where tasks are tackled properly and ideally. Having worked-out your formula, at this stage, all visions, dreams, and strategies are dissolved into action. Action, Action and more Action! This is a no slacking belt time—all fingers are deployed for service, and every plan yields result! From this stage, things begin to change fast—success begins to take the place of survival. The drivers of this stage are hard work, courage, faith, determination, energy and force.

  • The Diamond Stage

This is the most delicate of all the stages. The greater part of achievement is to sustain achievement. This assertion is in line with the scripture that states ‘He that is down need not talk about the fall, but he that is up, need to worry’.. A cleaner caught committing adultery is not as grievous (publicity wise) as that of the MD’s.
High flyers know very well that remaining on top is sacrosanct. All achievements appear like the apex of attainment, but quickly you will find that every achievement is a base-board to leap unto higher achievements. Do you now see why Achievers are work mongers who are always working? Achievement is like sports to them, they are always hunting for new grounds to conquer! Achievement temporarily brings resolution to the question—what next?

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