LEGACY TV: Can we meet you?

Tipsy: Hey! My name is Kelvin Obumneke Nwodo, A.K.A TIPSY KELVANO, and I come from the eastern side of Nigeria, West Africa, Nkanu west, Obugu to be precise, Enugu.

LEGACY TV: What kind of music do you do?

Tipsy: I’m into Hip-Life, a mixture of Highlife and HipHop. You know trying to bring something from the eastern side of making modern music.  That’s what we do.

LEGACY TV: What do you intend to achieve through music?

Tipsy: Music is a soulful thing, it’s something that goes with the soul, what I intend to achieve is to reach out to lives, people that loves good music, people that loves my kind of music. There are my kind of people that want to hear the kind of thing I do, so I’m just trying to reach out to them and everybody entirely.

LEGACY TV: What’s the success story behind Tipsy the musician?

Tipsy: It’s been what I’ve been doing from the kindergarten days, from church choir to children choir to youth choir to playing in some events and playing on stages and from there, worked with a lot of people which one of them is flavor and I worked for him for like ten years, coming from the east we moved to Lagos together, I was his back up for like up to ten years or so many years and that gave me a lot more experiences, true I’ve worked with him in so many countries and you know it opened my eyes that this small music we are doing can be big and people can enjoy this music in Nigeria, south Africa,  America, all part of Africa, people that doesn’t even hear the language we speaking. Been at the background in so many hit songs, I just wanna do my own and let world hear my voice (music).

LEGACY TV: What is your major drive/inspiration?

Tipsy: My inspiration, I don’t know, it just comes from above per say because I just find out this is what I feel comfortable doing and when I do it for people, they feel happy, they laugh, they dance and they’ll be like wow,  when are you doing your next show and I  be like really?  So they like this and like after some shows some people will come and shake me and be like thanks for helping me lifting my burdens and I’ll be like really? So I can affect people’s life like this, then let’s do more (Music).

LEGACY TV: Who are your mentors?

Tipsy: I can’t say this is my mentor, but Flavour had a very big role in my life, due to the years I worked with him. Singing the song of love and happiness, you know, when you need to be happy, some people, their escape to the worries they have in their heart, is when they listen to good music, my music is one of those kind of music they should listen to when you are in those kind of moods, happy moods, sad moods, love mood and any kind of mood.

LEGACY TV: How would you rate Nigerian music vis-à-vis South African Music?

Tipsy: First of all, charity begins at home, you know anything you do, you should have your selling point, there are people that can sell in America, there are people that can sell in Nigeria, and it depends on where your market is. And this is where (Nigeria) I’m doing my thing, from here we go to every other place and we come back to this place, you know, that’s how we make our people proud and make cash as well. After American music you can count Nigerian music.

I was surprised the last time I went to South Africa in october, I got into a club,  an igbo club in Johannesburg and the DJ all of a sudden had my last track with Bracket ORIKA ,  playing I was like who gave them the song, and the guy said dem dey play am steady o.

LEGACY TV: What do you do asides music?

Tipsy: Music business, I’m always on stage like three times every week, I do club shows, I have a place I play in Enugu and some other places. I have some other jobs with some other people and a whole lot more. So its music business all the way.

LEGACY TV: Your favourite quote?

Tipsy: The person that works more than he’s being paid very soon he will be paid more than he works.

LEGACY TV: Words to your fans?

Tipsy: I appreciate the ones that knows me already, I appreciate the ones that listens to my music already, let’s do more, lets support and I’m not gonna fail you, and the new ones that are still gonna be my fans from here and from other things I’m  gonna do, I will not fail you guys as well. Let’s just keep doing great things, let’s open our heart and show love to what I’m doing and I’ll reciprocate as well.

LEGACY TV: What more do we expect from Tipsy Kelvano?

Tipsy: A whole lot of bigger things cause this time around, we coming to the visuals fully, a whole lot of bigger things you know after one you count two, after two you count three, after three you count four, but we gonna keep jumping. Keep watching TV, keep being happy, keep being open minded in everything you do, keep being positive, keep pushing. You know sometimes it’s like you are at the edge of the wall, sometimes it’s like you cannot break through, but you know when you just sleep and wake up and pray to your God, everything is going to be easy.

Tipsy: And a special shout out goes to legacy Tv, make una dey tune in to this Tv, na them hold everything, they show everything, me sef I dey here. Ciao

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