Internet may kill some businesses, even if they reside on the web. The year was 2001 when Marketing Strategist, Michael E. Porter wrote in Harvard Business Review that internet will jeopardise competitive advantage. Fast-forward to 2016 when almost everybody is on the internet, everybody on the internet claim to be a professional, facebook is seen to be more efficient than billboards and twitter breaks news faster than cable-based televisions.

The internet has brought a bank of data nearer to companies than researches have ever done. Companies may now be victims of extreme competition, as all information about them, their strategies, product portfolio and clients can be gleaned from the internet. It is easy for competing companies to copy each other and whatever Unique Service Proposition (USP) means is sunk in competitive convergence. Therefore, the need for digital capabilities emerged as the trends change faster. Only companies that are fast developing new capabilities will survive.

Perhaps the worst harm the internet is doing to the business landscape is the opportunity given to everybody to be whoever  he/she wants to be on the web. Amateurs can launch a website, which is even more competitive in contents than the websites of professionals. Online content has superimposed the need for value and structures; social media savoir-faire is the new professionalism; and copied pictures and false testimonials seem more adequately credible.

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