How to Prepare For The Second Stage Interview

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Just because you’ve wooed the employer in your first interview, don’t expect your second one to be a walk in the park? Now it is time to get your self prepared for some serious discussion. That’s why we are here to help you pull through the whole process with success.
Since this is your second interview, expect to be riddled with surprises. Fortunately for you, we have some insightful guidelines to help you surpass the second hurdle on your road to a dream job. Here they are:
Get Yourself Prepared Even More Than The First Interview
Your second interview is just like a leap in the dark. You might encounter unexpected questions or get an offer out of the blue. If you had brought your portfolio or other samples of your work in the first interview, do not hesitate to bring them back again for this one. In your new interview, you need to get yourself prepared to be greeted by new people.
These people could be prospective team members or other employees whom you will be working side by side on a daily basis. The other people will be spontaneous additions to the interview. So you need to be prepared yourself extensively to demonstrate your skills and abilities effectively and efficiently.
Make A Plan
This one is an obvious tactic but it needs to more meticulous than your first interview. The whole purpose of the second interview is to show why the company should employ you.
Therefore, you must sell yourself by showing them your achievements, what you have learned and what projects you had worked on in the past. You need to explain in detail why they should choose you. Be more assertive in your reasons.
Drill Down More About The Company
It is vital that you pick up as much knowledge about the company as you possibly can. You should review the ‘About Us’ section of the company’s website. If it is a multinational company, then you can get loads of information and news on Google and Google News as well. You can also find out what is being discussed on message boards.
If you have an acquaintance already working in the company, you can use that connection to obtain some juicy information about the work culture, staff and the management.
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Be Prepared For Tricky Questions
While it is not a routine thing in an interview, you should still prepare yourself for the worst, especially if you are applying for C-level job. Sometimes, these questions are asked just to test your endurance level and the ability to tackle the pressure situations.
It will do you wonders to be able to think on your feet when it comes to dealing with the unexpected.
Ask Questions
When all is said and done, the interviewer will expect some questions from you. So it will be the time that you take the lead and throw questions over to them. For instance, if it is the last interview, you can discuss the compensations of your job as well as any rules that you have to abide by during and after you finish the tenure.
Dress Professionally
Don’t get too comfortable with your new workplace, even if the environment is casual. Until you have gotten the spot, you will want to continuously dress as formal and professional as you have to be. Of course, if the interviewers can make an exception for you, then that would be another story.

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