Lion as the king of the jungle is demonstrated not just by its fierceness in attacking other animals, but its majestic gait portrays it as such. Anywhere you find the lion; you see an animal that is full of strength and confidence. Occasionally, it roars an intimidating roar as if to warn the helpless preys of its presence.

To think like a lion, you need to identify your inherent strength, recognize your achievements and reach for what is next.  Lions position themselves for greater opportunities, and when opportunities come they take it at once.

Apply rationality in everything you do: Lions are known for walking and hunting in groups.  They know where to work so hard, and where not to. They are highly intelligent and knowledgeable and fearless.

Keep the Line Open: Lions are known for roaring – a sound that frightens the prey and announces its position and presence. They live in groups – close family groups; the female lion (lioness) do most of the hunting. To be on top, you need to connect within and without – introduce yourself and let people announce you.

Be Sensitive: Lions have super sights; they are six times more to light than humans. This illustrates the need to study your environment, see above others – then you will know and understand where and when your skills are needed; this will help you to conserve energy.

Be courageous:  It takes courage to go all out and try something new.  Stand tall, dare situations and do not let situations provoke you.  Remember, the lion is strong; you need to exercise authority and take charge.  Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, says this in a bible passage “…but be as bold as a lion”. Take charge; take control.

Crave for a change:  Every traditional dance troupe has an array of dancers and few drummers. The dancers most times get the entire accolade, the drummers are only acknowledged.  One peculiar thing about the show is that only the drummer determines how the dancers dance. No matter how skilled, how spirit lifted a dancer is one wrong drum beat could ruin the performance. The drum is in the hand of the drummer, who can beat it to any rhythm, and who is capable of dictating the dance moves.

In order to be a winner, you need to beat your drums as loud as possible, to a rhythm that suits your motives. If you do not like the music, what do you do? Do you force yourself to dance to it or hum it? No, you change the music. Every super achiever is a change agent –crave for positive change, only then can your mind be tuned to a progressive outlook.

You cannot easily isolate the lion approach from the eagle approach, using either of the method is not also a coincidence; the methods should be blended to give the highflyer desirable qualities.

Whatever you want to be; it starts and ends with your thoughts. Change yourself, change your attitude and change your world. If you are big on the inside; I bet you, you will be big on the outside, see like the eagle and act like a lion. Act it out and get the resounding result.

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