I woke up at 5:00am so as to get to work early. At 6:30am I was inside the Tricycle aka. “keke napep”. The tricycle rider told me repeatedly that he had no change and I said okay! But I had 100naira and the tee fare was just 50 naira. I was hoping that I would see someone with 50 naira to make it easier.

Unfortunately, only one person had 50 naira and we were 4 in the tricycle. Two of the people settled themselves and I was left with a woman who had 100naira too.

On, getting to the bus stop, the tricycle rider started ranting and we (I and the other woman) kept quiet. He then called a girl hawking sachet water and bought two sachets of water from her. He collected 100 naira from the other woman and paid for the water. The girl gave him 80 naira change (#50,# 20 and #10 naira) and immediately, the woman grabbed 20 naira thinking it was 50 naira and left. I thought she collected 50 naira so I became impatient and so pissed. The tricycle rider then told me to calm down and he gave me 50 naira, I left and he rode off.

I took another tricycle to my place of work only to discover that I did not pay but still, i collected change. I could not go back to look for him because he had left and I had also gone far.

MORALS – In anything you do, BE SINCERE. The tricycle rider thought he had gained when the other woman took #20 instead of #50 but he actually LOST, because I did not pay and I collected change.

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