Four terrorists dump Boko Haram, surrender to Nigerian Troops

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Four members of the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram have abandoned the group and surrendered to the Nigerian Army in Goniri, Borno State, Punch reports.

The four claimed they were brainwashed by the terrorist group about Islam, the military and the society in general.

The Nigerian army has said that one of the surrendered terrorists is a high-profile member known as Konto Fanami, who led Boko Haram terrorists operating along Ajigin-Talala-Mungusum road.

Fanami, during the interrogation by the Nigerian Army, said:

“We abandoned the terrorists because of incessant hardship. We realised we were being misled by the leaders. We were erroneously informed and brainwashed about Islam, the military and the society in general.”

The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig Gen Sani Usman has called on other members of the group to take the example of the four and surrender. He promised they would be treated humanely.

He said: “We call on those remnants of Boko Haram terrorists to follow suit and renounce the devilish creed. Adequate arrangement has been made to receive all those who voluntarily renounce terrorism and surrender themselves. They will be treated humanely.”

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