By Akorede Ajibade

A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities, Says Maya Angelou

What dream or vision do you want to turn into reality?…… You can live the life you desire… but you must first see it, believe it, graciously ask and train your brain to help you execute your vision.

So do you see your vision through pictures; pictures can create movement, unite nations, pull up your heart and fill you with the deep desire to do something.
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To use a picture to get what you want…simply draw one.

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Start now! draw out your current state and your Desired New Reality. You get the most power when you paint your own picture. Then fill your dreams with colours, emotions, get inside of it. You feel happy, capable and creative.

3 bold steps to get to your Desired New Reality

  • See it
  • Believe it
  • Act On it

Be warned the most rational part of your brain can try to talk you out of your Desired new reality.

Draw the most compelling picture, everyday sock in your picture and step in the possibility.

Become one out of ten people who made change happen.

I am certain you have seen fantastic ideas that has inspired your dream , I dare you to draw that dream in that template.

Just three Bold steps can transform one reality and it starts with you .


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