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Diary of a Village Runs Girl – Episode 1

by legacy magazine

My name is Ozioma, I have lived in the village all my life in Anambra State, for twenty two years. I am endowed in my physique; in all ramification of the word ‘endowed’, and being hairy was a bonus. I cause most men head to turn each time I walk past.
Unfortunately, I had no one to tutor me about men. My mother died at my birth and my father was more concerned on how to take care of the only child his wife left behind-me.
He really tried taking care of me with the meagre income from the odd jobs he got for himself. But as I grew, it was becoming expensive to take care of my well-being as well as my education. So he focused mainly on my education.
Naturally, as a young lady I get a lot of gifts from admirers, which helps me a lot. But I had to hide these things from my father. I was not the ‘pampered’ only child as expected; he was a strict disciplinarian, with honesty and truth as his unwavering watchword.
Sometimes I thought that was what made him poor. Most of his friends were getting rich with politics and several lucrative dealings, despite the fact that they were all civil servants. My father would never delve into such ‘dirty games’ as he would term them. Well, I suffered big time for that.
I never understood what loyalty and being trustworthy meant until much later. It was then I appreciated my father, who was diagnosed with the deadly disease ‘cancer’; prostate cancer to be precise.
His belief of being truthful circled on the fact that if he eventually dies, he would die a free man with no fear of evil deed haunting his child in his absence. His talks really do touch a deep core in my heart each time they spring to memory.
And despite his knowledge of his ailment, he didn’t stop being hard working, toiling day and night to feed the family -us, and ensure I get educated.
I had my first boyfriend when I was in my first year in Senior Secondary School; a perfect example of teenage love affair. He was my first. At that time my father never suspected anything; he couldn’t. I was the sweet loving girl that cared for him every minute of the day. But when he was asleep, I cared for myself.
That relationship ended as soon as he travelled to Lagos after our S.S 2. It was really painful for me at the time. In fact, I had said I wouldn’t date anyone else again, because Ifeanyi was everything I craved in a guy; he was handsome, tall, sexy and from a rich home. I never went hungry when I was in school, and sometimes he gave me money to buy anything I wanted.
That relationship set a standard for the rest of my relationships. bobo wey woowoo no be my type at all. I loved them handsome, tall and of course rich and generous. I never dated anyone in my secondary school after Ify, as I fondly called him.
But then, two years after Secondary School, I was still trying to gain admission into the University
During that period I dated another guy who was already a student in Anambra State University. He kept encouraging me that I could make it into the University. Although he wasn’t rich, he supported me the best way he could and of course he was very handsome.
Emeka can profess love and Mount Everest would go level to the ground, he was too sweet and romantic and could make even a monkey feel special. And I did feel special, too special that I decided to give him a surprise.
That Saturday, I specifically made fufu and vegetable soup, served it in papa’s favourite plate and delectably parked it in a fancy nylon. I knew he loved my food, especially my vegetable soup. I actually had no intention of seeing him, since he was always at lecture room on Saturdays. All I wanted to do was place the food in his room, and drop a note for him to know it was me.
It didn’t occur to me that I would need a key to gain entrance into his room to achieve my surprise gift, till I approached his door. All energy and excitement drained as I got to his room door. I guess I always over rated my intelligence.
I leaned on the door in disappointment, and I heard something like movement from within.
“he was home!” my mind screamed like an alarm bell.
My entire body shot up in excitement 102 % as I tried opening the door knob. Slowly the door opened to the worst sight I never imagined.
to be continued….

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