Akpo Uyeh: 7 Factors to Consider Before You Attend a Lagos Event

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1. Never go early
I’m sure you are not new to ”Nigerian time”.  This is when you go later than expected, because you know the event would not start on time.  You know it could be painful going to an event only to discover that you are the first to arrive.  Being the first guest to arrive,you start waiting for others to ”turn up”.  You also start observing the arrangement going on at the venue and others guests strolling in dressed in their different attires. In this part of the world, Nigerian time is fast becoming a culture. Well…that would form another discussion for another day.

As a newbie, I got to the event pretty earlier than usual, I noticed they were yet to start even at the take- off time.I had thought it best to leave home earlier than usual so as to beat traffic because you never can tell. Only for me to arrive at the venue and everywhere was still deserted.  Can you imagine? To my utmost surprise, the event started started three hours later. Don’t ask me what I was doing as I waited for the event to kick off officially. I was somewhat bored.

2. Change your name
I actually went there to interview guests. Do you know that virtually all the guests I spoke had English names like Tataina, Lerato, Sandra, Meagan, Carolina, Jeffrey, Clinton, Moissa and the likes. I didn’t hear name local names  like Akpo, Nkechi, Mayowa, Biliki, Livinus, Chikodiri, Mutiu, Bala e.t.c. Sorry, no offense but everyone basically seemed to embrace foreign names.

3.Speak with phony accent
Some people spoke with phony accent. I think it was embarrassing to speak pidgin or “be real”. You might just be considered socially awkward or unrefined. It was more or less a show-off of a particular kind of attitude. Spreeing to the fullest less you be tagged a misfit.

4. Dress street style
This one is a personal thing. I know it might sound cliche that fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it. Nevertheless, going for a Lagos event, you must have it the back of your mind to slay. Most times, people never go for Lagos event without having the intention to slay and make heads turn. Not bad if you ask me. However, if it appears that you made so much effort to make a statement then wahala dey! Particularly after making  an entrance and  nobody including the paparazzis do not ja you face. *sighing*. Just go with a  healthy self -esteem and confidence as you rock your outfit.

5. Go with power bank
Unless you have two fully charged batteries, then you might not necessarily bother about this. At event, you would most likely get involved in taking selfies, making calls, videos and all and if care is not taken your phone battery might just get totally drained. Just have a back up plan. Having a power bank, or going with your charger might just save the day… unless you want to get stranded.

6. Never go solo
No man is an island. If you really want to have fun and don’t want to feel left out, it’s best to have a buddy around. Seriously, it is more fun to be in the company of your friends or family. That way you would not feel so lonely or left out at a Lagos event.

7. Don’t dull
If the DJ plays a particular song, sing along  or dance. It is not bad if you want to show that you are very current and know how to groove well. Besides, you don’t want to appear like you carrying the whole world on your shoulders. Body languages also pass a lot of messages. If you are a lady, you might consider sitting with your legs crossed;  and if you are a guy, you could strike a manly pose.

That being said, I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to tell you how to attend a Lagos event

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