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Achievement is a possibility when certain factors co-mingle with ideal goals. Having demarcated the Low Achievers from the High Achievers, what matters now is knowing the path you want to follow in life. What will it take you to become a High Achiever? How can you rise from your low results to mega results? Below are the factors that could blast your dreams open like the sun does to the rubber seeds:

  1. Get Inspired and Show Commitment

Inspiration is the key to every success. It is the engine that drives commitment. You cannot do much in life without purpose which of course is birthed in dreams. To achieve greatness, you must be devoted and committed to your purpose.
You can never realize your goal when you are not inspired and committed towards it. Commitment here does not indicate a jolly, merry ride process.
To wade through difficulties and still remain loyal to your purpose is what is called commitment. The inventors of the Airplane, the Wright brothers (Wilbur and Orville), did not crack that nut under the mattress. It took the process of wading through challenges and seeming failures before they met success. Get inspired! Get committed!!

  1. Increased Perception and Knowledge

High Achievers are people who are sensitive to their environment. You cannot impact on the society which you know little about. High Achievers are people with ears to the ground: they are abreast with the happenings in their surroundings and can swiftly take advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself. Knowledge on the other hand understands. You can assemble the greatest cause in the world but if you lack knowledge of direction and implementation, it will lead to nowhere.

  1. Persevere

It is a continuous process of trying to do something, especially something that is not falling in line. Your toughness in the face of challenges determines the chances of your success. High flyers confront their challenges when they run counter-course to plan. Perseverance is the tool that makes impossibility possible!

  1. Build a Value Added System

Success is a collective attainment; it is not the work of a lone ranger! This may shock you: there is no achievement that is the handwork of just one person. Trying to do it alone will always produce a weak result. The High Achiever knows the importance of harnessing every available resource for the purpose of a grand success. When one wins, it is not as great as when all wins. Teamwork is the key to success.

  1. Be Open-minded to Change

The world we live in is dynamic; change is one thing that is constant. If you are not open-minded towards change, you will be over-run by the speed of the changes that constantly evolve with time. High Achievers are people of dynamic mindset—they adapt to changes and necessities of the time. You must be a good listener to follow the pace of time.

  1. Review, Evaluate, and Assess

An Achiever draws from the pool of available information and does not discriminate information. Constant research and evaluation is the key to success. You must clinically analyze all findings, and all options must be weighed. That is the route to achievement.

  1. Be Humble and Unassuming

High performers are not sounding brasses; they are people of great humility. You must be ready to learn even from people you know you are better than. High flyers know they do not know everything: their success lies in the fact that they can manage other people’s abilities together with their own to achieve the greatest result.

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