If you have been preparing for an exam for a while, then you may want to test your level of preparedness.

It is very important to evaluate yourself once in a while to know where you stand.

Little wonder Socrates made a statement, “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

If you have ever asked yourself the question; Am I ready for this exam? Then this article is for you.

I will be analyzing the 8 signs that shows that you are not fully prepared for an exam.

In addition, I will be telling you what to do about it and how to know whether you are really ready for an examination

8 Signs You Are Not 100% Ready For The Exam And What To Do

1. You Are Still Afraid Of The Exam

Generally, we say that fear means false evidence appearing real. However, fear could also mean few evidence about real future.

When you are still very much afraid of the exam, it means you still have some work to do. Check out the reason for your fear and fix it as fast as possible.

Fear of failure could cripple your result. Do not let failure represent an alternative in your mind. What you are afraid of is also afraid of you. Take a bold step…

2. You Don’t Have Confidence In Yourself

Your confidence determines your competence. The level of confidence you command is directly proportional to your level of preparedness.

Lack of confidence speaks volume of the fact that you are not fully prepared for the exam.

The best way to boost your confidence is to check and fix your area of weakness. Focus on that topic you are not very sure of.

3. You Don’t Want To Talk About The Exam

If you don’t like discussing your forth coming examination, it means that you have a skeleton in your cupboard.

Your examination is certainly worth talking about. When you don’t have interest in it anymore, it means you are not ready to take the test at all.

Meet friends taking the same examination and share your experience. Let them know how you feel about the exam. Remember, help doesn’t come if you fail to take a step.

4. You Are Afraid Of Attempting Questions

I am an advocate of past questions and answers. Yes! You should take it as a habit to attempt questions relating to your examination.

When you have the phobia of practicing with questions, then it means you are not fully ready for the exam.

Get questions and start solving. It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong. Make necessary corrections and move on.

5. You Are Unable To Solve Questions Correctly

I always advice my students to organize series of tests for themselves, especially when the exams are close.

Now, when you cannot solve questions correctly on the topics you have covered, then it means you are not ready for the exam yet.

For every topic you cover, ensure to solve at least 20 questions correctly. This will boost your confidence, evidence and competence.

6. You Still Have One Or Two Topics Left

There is a famous Engineering quote that the part you left before the exam will surely come out.

If there is still a topic you are hiding, skipping or afraid to touch, it means you are on a long thing. You are really taking risk.

Ensure to cover every hot topic relevant to your exam.

7. You Don’t Have full Idea About The Exam

Understanding makes you outstanding. It is not by sight but insight.

If I may ask, what clear understanding do you have about your forth coming examination?

You need to understand what you are IN FOR.

8. You Don’t Have Expectation

Any result they give me, I will accept. If this is still your statement, then you are not ready for the exam at all.

Don’t sit back and take what comes. Go for what you want.

If you can see it, you can seize it.

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