5 Work From Home Jobs For Job Seekers

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I am very excited to write about this topic because I believe it would be useful to a whole lot of job seekers who visit topwritersden and other places this article would be published. As a job seeker, the feeling and guilt of waking up and having no job for the day can be as frustrating as hell. I have been there and I know how it feels. In this brief article, I will write about 5 work from home jobs any job seeker can undertake and earn a decent living from it.
It depends on your attitude and determination. These work from home jobs is not a make money quick job, rather it keeps you mentally fit and also stuff your pocket with cash while you wait for your dream job to come. Below are the 5 work from home jobs that job seekers could start up.
This is one skill that isn’t yet explored so much in Nigeria. You may have noticed the recent increase in blogs around the internet. Most times people who own these blogs are either too busy to maintain or create articles for them. You can easily apply to help create contents for them or even help manage the blog at a very decent amount in a month.
With the help of a laptop and an internet connection, instead of jumping from one gossip site to another you can channel that energy towards creating wonderful and fabulous contents all over the internet. I started with this, so I speak with so much confidence.
Have you heard about Upwork and Fiverr? Those are places where even non-graduates earn money in foreign currency. It is a freelancing site that allows you work for clients and in turn, get paid once you complete a task. It is a place where talented people comes to earn a decent living right from the comfort of their homes.
The bad news is that you must have the skill to offer. Skills ranging from Graphics Design, Article Writing, proof-reading, editing, virtual assistant, website design, web programming, and a whole lot of them which even includes Artistic drawings sells like hot cake on these platforms. As long as you have something to offer and you are good at it, those freelancing sites are waiting for you to explore. You would be surprised at how much you are making on a monthly basis.
From whichever angle you are looking at it from, it is a profitable business to operate from home. Affiliate marketing is simply connecting a client with a product and getting paid for the connection done. Most job seekers have large followers on most social media platforms, but fail to see a whole lot of opportunity right under their noses.
Imagine you sell a product right from the comfort of your home, and you earn about $20 dollars on commissions, isn’t that good business? You can choose to operate either with local firms or international firms. All of them have their own pro and cons, so you have to do an extensive research about them. You should utilize this platform especially if you are the type that is very active on the social media. “Everything is possible to those who think outside the box”
There are sites you can sell on that include Clickbank, Jumia, Konga, Ebay, Amazon, etc. Just find what you need to market and push hard for it, and then you watch your money rolling in.
If there is something you are good at, instead of only selling to people who wants to buy it, you can sell it to people who want to learn it. Let’s say you finally learned how to design an inverter, perform some graphics design, website design, or any other skill, you can find a way to teach people who might be willing to learn such skills too. Personally, I charge some clients who wish to improve their writing ability and I make money from it.
I am sure that there is something that you are good at, why can’t you find a way to tutor others and collect your money immediately.
You can also do offline tutoring to students who stay around in various academic/non-academic subjects. The bottom line is “whatever skill you can teach others, find a way to reach them and collect your pay while doing it.”
This should have actually topped the list of the 5 work from home jobs for job seekers especially in Nigeria here. The real truth is that everyday people are eager to leave the shores of this country. If you have the right connections, then I think this is a goldmine for you to explore. Every day, month and year, people tend to migrate from the country to other parts of the world for various reasons. As a travel consultant, you can direct them, give advice and guide them on the various step to take while you collect your money in thousands of Naira.
Unemployment shouldn’t be a reason for being idle. Jumping from a job site to another site shouldn’t be your daily routine. There are lots of things to do to earn a decent monthly income.

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