5 Unhealthy Relationship Habits Ladies Need To Stop

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Intentionally Making Him Feel Jealous
In the bid to gain attention from their spouse, so many ladies form the habit of making their spouse feel jealous intentionally, either by talking about their ex or emphasizing the many other options they have or flirting with other guys on social media. This action is a very unhealthy habit in relationships that needs to go. You might achieve the aim of gaining his intention, but that attitude has in a way indented your level of maturity and trust. There are so many matured and reasonable way you can go about getting your spouse’s attention. Stop trying to make him jealous.
Prioritizing Third Party Opinion
The consequences of involving a third party in a relationship has been over flogged in different books, articles and even seminars, yet there is still a high rate of ladies revolving their relationship based on friends or family opinions. Don’t get it wrong, it is okay for friends to look out for each other in relationships, but as a matured individual you are also entitled to your right for final decision making to matters surrounding your personal life. You should be matured enough to value opinions and advise and decide what’s best for you and your relationship. Remember you are the one involved in every detail of your relationship not them.
Spying on Messages
Spying on your partner’s phone, email, and chat apps, shows a high sense of distrust. Why go into a relationship with no bases of trust? Why stay in a relationship where trust, a fundamental ingredient, is lacking? It makes no sense! If you are suspicious of an inconsistent act, be courageous enough to discuss it openly and freely with your spouse, confront him to his face as the case maybe, do not check secretly. It is such a cowardly act and very unhealthy habit that can lead irrecoverable destruction.
Relationship is deeper than mere feelings of love. If you are not ready to be real with your partner, simply break up the relationship. Lying has become a habit of partners in relationship, especially for ladies, with the excuse of trying to save the relationship. Unfortunately, it does the otherwise; destroy; sometimes beyond redemption. As an adult, you should understand that no one is perfect, be able to let in your partner on your short comings and mistakes. Be real with your partner, and enjoy a thrilling relationship.
Raising Past Issues in Every Disagreement
It is so easy to point at others past mistakes because as humans we may forgive but it’s hard to forget. We forget that no one is above mistake. Ladies, if you find yourself bringing up past mistakes at the slightest argument, then you need to put a stop to it. It is one of the worst habits in relationship that speedily kills love once shared. Understand that, whatever happened, happened at a weak point or ignorant stage, and things have changed because you believed in him which is why you forgave him in the first place. Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love forgives. Do you really love your partner?
If you find yourself guilty of one or more than, it is not too late to stop. Outgrow these habits, be the better person in the relationship, Change and prove your change. Most importantly, share this message across to others in a relationship.
Yes, you love your partner, they are just die hard habits that needs to stop with consciousness.

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