5 Reasons Why Letting Go Is Good for the Soul

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1.) You give yourself physical space.

You might take that space for a new chair and lamp for a reading corner. You might keep that space simply clear, to look cleaner, neater, and fresh. You might now have play space for the kids, the puppy, or both. Give yourself the refuge of less clutter.

Julie Morgenstern, one of the most inspired members of the Professional Organizing community, stresses that letting go of stuff ALWAYS creates an opportunity for something new. Her book, SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life, is her best for explaining the concept. All of her books are a great read. In fact, she’s the inspiration for this article.


2.) We give ourselves time.

We’re not spending who-knows-how-long looking for the one shirt we want to wear, buried in the 10 other shirts with moth holes.


3.) We give ourselves mental space.


Worry is a drain on our mental energy. When we worry about “where’d I put that Thing?” or “why am I keeping that THING?!?!?!?” we’re keeping our poor brains on overdrive.


4.) Clearing the clutter often lets us regain items we overlook, or truly lost, in the crowd.

We get the reward of “gosh, I’ve been looking for that!” and “wow, I forgot I had that!


5.) Clearing the clutter is a chance for introspection.

Letting go of stuff helps you answer WHY you kept something, if it’s a good idea to continue holding on to it, or what might happen if you it let go. It gets you thinking in a whole bunch of directions, which can be profoundly productive.


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