4 Ways to Decide If You should Break Up

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1. Take a break for a while to see how you feel

If you are thinking of breaking up with someone, take a break, something like a trail period to see how life goes on without that person. Live life like you would if that person were not around. If you are comfortable and even enjoying the time out, maybe it is time you tell the other person that you want out of the relationship.

2. Try and be selfish for a while

If you are not a selfish person, try and be one for a while. Sometimes you need to just think about yourself and for yourself. When you are in this self centered mode, you will think more clearly about yourself. This concentrated thinking about one’s own self helps when it comes to breaking up. Your judgment won’t be clouded by what other people want or need from you.


3. Go somewhere on your own

Leave your boyfriend, fiancé or husband behind and go on a trip all by yourself. You will find a lot about yourself and people when you travel. Some time alone also sets your perspective right. You can decide on what you want to do too.

4. Talk to a confidante or a best friend

If you think you cannot make up your mind on your own, talk to someone who can keep a secret or a best friend who can give you unbiased advice. Listen to them, but try and make the decision yours as much as possible. This way you won’t blame the friend for any wrong decision you might have made.

Breaking up with someone isn’t easy on anyone involved. Think through your decision and do not break up for silly reasons or when you are angry. Decisions taken in anger are seldom good and you will only regret it later. Decide when you are calm and when you are not stressed too much.

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