3 Tips To Help You Stop Wasting Time

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One of my readers recently asked for some tips on ‘fitting it all in’. She has a full time job, two kids, a working partner and a body that needs to be taken care of. I’m often reticent to give advice to parents because I don’t have kids and I know what total time sucks they can be.
Having said that, I have to do a lot of stuff that parents do too. Like shopping, cleaning, cooking and exercising. I like to get everything done as quickly as possible so I have more time for stuff that I enjoy so here are a few tips to help you stop wasting time – whether or not you have kids.
Schedule your dicking around on the internet time
I spend a lot of time telling people not to dick around on Facebook but you know what? Dicking around on Facebook is fun. I thoroughly enjoy it, but I know it’s a waste of time which is why I schedule my dicking around time. I usually allow myself 20 minutes at the end of the day after I’ve done my exercise. I need a bit of a cool down after hitting the treadmill so I grab my phone and allow myself 20 minutes of useless internet time and I bloody love it and I don’t feel guilty. Wasting time on the internet is fine, you just need to schedule that time so half an hour doesn’t turn into three hours.
Plan to fail
Plan a crap out time. A ‘crap out’ is when you lose the plot – you throw up your hands and give up. If you plan the time you’re going to do this, your subconscious will wait until that moment. For example as I’m writing this article (my 7th article of the day) I plan to crap out in 20 mins. It’s pretty much the only thing keeping me on my task. If I didn’t have that time in my head, I’d be on Facebook right now.

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