13 Hidden Secrets Lawyers Won’t Tell Their Client

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Lawyers are not all that heavenly. Lawyers are usually nice but trust me, they have some skeleton in their cupboard, and they never share them with their client.
We have researched on some of the hidden secrets lawyers won’t tell their client. Our goal is not to paint lawyers as villains but to find out some deep mysteries in the legal profession.
The Big Secret includes:
(1.) Sue for negligence: This is top of the chart because Lawyers all over the world will never tell their clients that they can sue them for negligence as regards their duty to them. I sincerely wish you great luck finding at what point your lawyer was negligent because that is no small discovery.
(2.) He never tells you all his mistakes in your case. No Lawyers want to show his weaknesses to his client. Every day, millions of mistakes are made by Lawyers in their client’s case but trust me only very few are detected by the client.
(3.) I will charge as much as you let me is the slogan for lawyers. It is honestly really difficult to equate a lawyer’s fee because the same job that is done for a few dollars by a Solicitor can be done by another solicitor for a million dollars.
(4.) Some of the jobs they charge you for can be done by you. Your lawyer will always give you the impression that you have no other option than to pay for his expert supervision and drafting of all legal and paralegal processes. Well, there is nothing stopping you as a client to draft a letter in your name, even draft your own will, etc. However, there are some minimum requirements for drafting a will by yourself. James, an insurance broker, still feels it is safer to use a lawyer, because their professionalism and experience enables them the opportunity to avoid little mistakes, that he personally could have avoided in his demand letter for a loan. However, you commit a crime if you draft any legal instrument meant to be drafted by a lawyer by Law.
(5.) Lawyers don’t tell their clients they are not expected to have any extra relationship with them aside being their lawyer. It is a breach of trust for a lawyer to be having any sexual relationship with his or her client. As a lawyer, you are considered to be in a fiduciary relationship with your client, and the law presumes the client to possible vulnerability. Lawyers are not expected to take undue advantage or get personally involved in a client’s divorce case or have a sexual relationship with them. To be free from this burden, a lawyer is expected to either break the bond between himself and the client or wait until the client’s case is over. Mary, a businesswoman, told us how she almost lost her husband due to the pressure she got from a lawyer who was only encouraging her to divorce the husband only because of his self-fish interest in her while she only asked him to commence a case of breach of contract between her and her husband. Mary’s story is one of the little stories we hear every day.
(6.) That he is not as good as he looks or sounds. Once a client briefs his lawyer, the next thing he does once you leave his office is to consult his library. Lawyers will always speak like they were actually ready for the brief before you narrated it, but the truth is they might have probably given you a wrong advice, but they are quick to consult the books and the library on the right thing. Take note, your lawyer will impress you more on the second meeting with perhaps a counter advice and will make it sound convincing. Next time you notice this, just smile because he has gone to dig the real gist from his library.
(7.) Lawyers don’t tell their clients that they are not the best in a particular field of law and not totally an expert in every area of law. Anyways, with the much preaching about specialisation, some Lawyers are now open to discussing this with their client.
(8.) Lawyers will not tell you the simple solutions to your problems that will not involve his expertise. This is due to the fact that he won’t be paid except he can secure payment from such advice then he will let the cat out of the bag.
(9.) Lawyers most times don’t know a lot outside the walls of law. Asking a lawyer some basic question can put him entirely off the guard, but the unique thing about these wonderful creatures is their acute acumen for swift thinking. Lawyers are trained to be smart thinkers, so they find a way to manoeuvre their way. Can’t blame them, they are trained to at least know a little about everything, or perhaps pretend that they know a little about everything.
(10.) Lawyers don’t tell their clients that they consult their fellow Lawyers to get their advice and opinions on how to handle your case. Sometimes they ask for law reports, steps to take, or simple things like how to charge you more, how or where to pay a particular fee.
(11.) Lawyers don’t tell you that they appear all rich and neat just to get more money from you and appear intelligent. You see a lawyer and his big car and clean three-piece suit, you assume he is all rich and all intelligent. Well, looks can be deceptive. He might not be totally intelligent or rich, it is just part of the business. Andy, a promising accountant, told us how his lawyer with all the glamour couldn’t say anything in court but kept on asking for more bountiful remuneration and fees.
(12.) Lawyers don’t tell their clients that they will most likely abandon their matter in court or give their younger lawyers and workers all the dirty work for a more tantalising one. According to them, this will afford the younger ones the opportunity to learn the ropes of the profession.
(13.) Lawyers are egocentric beings, they will never tell you another lawyer is better than them except it is a matter of specialisation. Where they can easily say, Attorney Thomson is a better marine lawyer than myself, but I am ahead in crime advocacy.

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