Belinda Effah Studied in the University of Calabar, majoring in Genetics and bio technology. She is an award winning Actress, she was once a presenter for sound city and then started her own tv show. (lunch break with Belinda)… she was nominated for several awards like; ELOY, AMVCA AND SO MANY OTHER WHIICH SHE WON MOST OF THEM.

INTERVIEWER- Tell us about your childhood and educational background.
BELINDA- I am Belinda Effah. I’m from Cross-river state. I schooled in the University of Calabar, studied Genetics and Bio Technology. My childhood started off good and then the Ups and downs came in when my parents got divorced and they got separated and so we had to go with my mum. It had all those challenges and drama being separated which I do not want to delve into. I have always loved Entertainment. While I was in the University, I always wanted to act so badly. I am a very adventurous person. In 2006, I went for the Next Movie Star but it just wasn’t happening for me.


BELINDA- One thing I know for sure is GRACE, FAVOUR and RIGHT TIMING. If you are coming into the industry, come in for the right reason. I got into the industry, 2005/2006 but people didn’t get to know me until 2011. For me, acting is what I live with, sleep and wake up to. So I do not see myself doing something else. Between 2007 to 2009, I got sp frustrated because I had attended a lot of auditions and I wasn’t getting roles. The industry called me back in 2011 and that was my breakthrough.

INTERVIEWER: To you what completes a woman?

BELINDA: For me it’s the woman that completes herself, every woman should know who she is and what she stands for… know your values. God created us for a unique purpose, so discover it. I know some beautiful people who are dumb. So know who you are, have a voice and have value for yourself, don’t let the society define you. A complete woman has value and knows who she is. My best quote, ”The you in you, makes the you, you are”. Just discover you.


BELINDA- For me,, failure is not a bad thing. Failure should be celebrated because that’s what makes you stronger. People should learn to celebrate their failure because that is the driving force. Nobody is king, nothing is perfect in Life. The only constant thing in life is change so keep changing. I was on set for my first major role and when I haerd ACTION, I was panicking. I didn’t just know how to brace myself and so I was nervous. I had to pray and pep talk myself before I could get the role right.

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