10 Reasons to Never Give Up Even in the Worst of Circumstances

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Giving up is the easy way out. Just because it seems difficult or hard for you to grasp or get around, it does not mean that you will never be able to do it. Everything takes time, even if you are naturally gifted in some skill. Even babies struggle to walk, but do they ever give up because it is too much work or should they? No matter what your circumstances are, you must always keep in mind that real success lies in trying continuously till you get where you want. At least you will get somewhere, but if you give up and discontinue even without trying, then you are at a huge loss. You must not let that happen to you. Listed here are 10 reasons to never give up even in the worst of circumstances.

1. You are still alive

First and foremost, you cannot give up because you have not ceased to live. Giving up implies that it is not possible for you to be done. But if you are still alive, then the possibilities are endless. No matter what has happened or how your initial endeavors have turned out, you can always have a fresh start. You can always choose to re-ignite the fire in you and follow your passion.

2. You can make it possible

You must not give up because you can still make it possible. If you have had a dream, whatever it is, know that it is in your capability to get it done. If you can see it in your mind, you can do it in real life. So you just have to keep at it – and eventually you will achieve what your heart desires.

3. You have all the resources

You already have all the resources that you need to get what you want in life. You cannot make excuses because those are not justified. If you want something, you must work for it, and it will not be served to you on a platter. Therefore, quit giving excuses why you cannot pursue your dreams because if there is a will, there is a way. Time, money and scope are all there – if only you tried harder to find them.

4. You don’t want to regret later

Giving up when the circumstances are not favorable means that you want to achieve what you want without having to work for it enough. Remember that nothing comes easy – if you wish something for yourself, working towards it is the one and only way. You cannot give up now because then you will have to regret later. If you don’t want to regret later in life, do what you must when you still have time.

5. Success feels awesome

You must never give up because you owe it to yourself. Success is a great feeling but you will be depriving yourself if you ever give up. So in order to have or at least give yourself a chance of tasting success, you must not give up, irrespective of the circumstances.

6. You will continue to learn

No matter how many times you have failed in the past, when you give up, you also shut all doors that could have led you to eventual success. A hundred failures do not feel as bad as how good one success does. And with every failure, you only grow and learn. You become more and more perfect and every failure must therefore be looked at as only another step towards success. Instead of giving up, if you continue trying, you will also continue to gain knowledge.

7. It will get better

Things which seem too bad or overwhelming for you to get over or overcome will eventually dissipate. Everything gets better eventually – no matter how bad your situation is right now. So have faith, and instead of quitting, continue pursuing your passion.

8. It will inspire others

You must not give up because by continuing trying and working hard, you will set an example for others. You will become an inspiration for many who will then be motivated to pursue what they want in life and will not consider giving up as an option.

9. It is your destiny

Another reason to never give up is that if you have a dream, you are capable of achieving it and that is your destiny. If you ever ask yourself what your purpose in life is, then also tell yourself that this is it! It is your destiny to have the life you dream of and so you can never give up.

10. It will make you happy

Most important of all, the satisfaction that comes from working for something and achieving it is unparalleled to any other feeling in this world. By continuing working for something instead of giving up, you open yourself up for endless possibilities all of which eventually lead only to happiness.

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