Let’s explore the effectiveness of philanthropy, and how you can use your giving efforts to help the world reach the Sustainable Development Goals no matter how small (or big) your wallet is.

In building on that here are 5 ways you can position your philanthropic activities to make the world a more just and equal place by 2030.

A quick and easy way to get involved is simply to donate to a cause you’re passionate about!

1. Donate. Donate. Donate.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to support the SDGs is to simply donate to organizations that are dedicating their missions to fulfilling specific Sustainable Development Goals.

And I always suggest setting up a monthly, recurring donation so that you help organizations see that they have your support in the longterm, which enables them to plan more efficiently.

Volunteer your time for a greater level of involvement and agency.

2. Volunteer Your Time

If you are looking for a more immersive and hands-on way to contribute to the efforts to further the SDGs, volunteering in any capacity is an excellent option. Even local projects can make a real impact. Look for local initiatives you can support. We also think our friends at Volunteer Match have many options for you to get involved.

When you volunteer your skills you help your community as well as yourself.

3. Volunteer Your Real Skills In Your Free Time

Though it is important to volunteer in any capacity, it is more effective, impactful, and fulfilling to volunteer the unique skills you have, volunteers are key to reaching the SDGs. Volunteering is also a great way to grow your skills and network, and it also makes you happier and healthier.

Take the leap and dedicate your skills to an immersive experience giving back.

4. Go Experteering on Vacation, Company-Sponsored Time, or During Your Sabbatical

An incredible way to make philanthropy a part of your life is to take the leap and go Experteering: It is an immersive and highly fulfilling option. Volunteer your skills, expand your knowledge, travel on a budget, and make concrete steps towards reaching the SDGs with an exciting international project. You can easily find projects related to womens empowerment, food and nutrition, or economic empowerment. There are dozens of projects for each goal, and you can choose the region you feel most passionate about working with as well. It is doubtless the most hands-on way to help achieve the SDGs and is an incredibly effective and fulfilling option.

“The SDGs have become a central part of the work I do. I am an educator, so the thing that comes most naturally is teaching others about them and empowering teachers to use the goals as a framework in their classrooms. Two of the things I have done recently at LUV are to include the SDGs as part of our teacher training and align all of our courses with the goals.

Innovative technologies and ideas are the key to reaching the SDGs.

5. Contribute to Long-term Innovation

There are also some underlying and systemic issues that need to be addressed. It’s clear that we won’t achieve the SDG through business as usual and waiting for either the economy or the government to change the world. Be a part of the solution, not the problem, by joining a network like the Global Innovation Exchange.  The only way we will approach the SDGs in earnest is if we all join together and dedicate ourselves to creating the change we want to see.

“Anyone can get involved, and it doesn’t have to be at a global level. It starts with each individual and community. One of the things I do is tell everyone I meet about the SDGs and why they are so important. I look for ways to talk about them with my co-workers. Every industry should be looking for ways to connect to these goals because the only way we will be able to achieve them by 2030 is if every single person on the planet gets involved.”

Remember, even small contributions help! By donating, volunteering, using your skills, and immersing yourself in projects, you can help contribute to the SDGs to make them a reality by 2030.

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