Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Habits

Transform your habit

Step 1: Decide what habits are worth it

Look, I can talk to you about the habits that have changed my life habits all day long, but that’s not helpful. The reason is that only YOU can decide what a good habit is.

Step 2: Focus on one habit at a time

I wrote about how I successfully formed a daily exercise habit. It was something I tried to do for years.

Step 3: Set the bar very low

We often want to do big things, without understanding it. Starting a business or building a career requires effort. In fact, everything in life that’s remotely valuable requires a lot of work to achieve.

  • Want to write a book? Write once sentence.
  • Want to start a business? Get one client.
  • Want to read two books a week? Read one page a day.
  • Want to save for your retirement? Don’t buy another shirt you’re only going to wear once.
  • Etc.

Step 4: Use checklists

I forget everything. A few years ago, I started a daily reading habit. I messed up very often in the beginning.

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