Who says there’s anything like “job security” in reality?  That term only exist in the dictionary for purposes of its meaning and do not exist in the business dictionary or in the employment market anywhere in the world. Those who once taught they were certain of their jobs including Managing Directors of Big Companies were often left surprised and shell-shocked when unexpected Government policies struck them unawares and unprepared.  In Nigeria for instance, some supposedly powerful Managing Directors were thrown out of the office they laboured to set up. What could be more frustrating than that?

This fact which is also an indisputable reality is further given credence in the face of global meltdown when many companies where forced to shut down, thereby sending many home and jobless. Even some were sent to an early grave because they could not cope with the untold hardship and standard of life that the labour market had to offer.

In the business world and the employment market, uncertainty thrives and oftentimes gives rise to a state of despondency and frustration.  It is no longer news that the employers of labour are not themselves certain of their enterprise and as such not certain of the security of any employee’s job in the workplace. The economic instability coupled with other indices has forced many nations of the world, including the developed nations to continue the unending battle for its citizenry employment status. The solution lies in no better place but in a paradigm shift, in taking a proactive step to re-orient its nationals to focus their attention more on entrepreneurial development rather than over-reliance on paid white-collar or blue-collar jobs.


Every proper planning has a Plan B. Having an alternative plan presupposes an expectation of some short – comings or outright failure of a Plan A, which is normal and consistent with actual realities. A Plan B prepares an alternative course of action in an emergency, and it saves time.

It is most amazing that many employees go through the lifetime of their employment without a Plan B. There is no job that is permanent. There are instances where a man puts all his life’s strength into his job in another man’s company and just when he feels he can relax a little, he is thrown out of job into a most frustrating place to be-the labour market. Often times, this dilemma occurs unwarranted and when you are least prepared. So, what do you do?

Successful men and women have no single source of income. To generate more funds, you should look inward and then look outward. To be candid with you, the best employment you can get anywhere is a self employment from whence you graduate into the real entrepreneurial world of mega cash controller. Ask yourself, what it would cost to start your own business. You don’t need a million naira to begin a millionaire’s journey. On the contrary, start with what you have. A good method of achieving Plan B is to allow it run concurrently with your job (provided it does not interfere with it).



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