MOTIVATIONAL: There is an Easy Way To Success?

The other day I was waiting patiently on the Queue to enter the BRT bus heading to Ikorodu from CMS, and there was this man forcing his way through the queue jumping lines. If you are a Lagosian, I am sure you can tell how provoking such actions are. All I could think of was, “are we the fools that don’t have destination?”

Surprisingly, despite every one’s outburst of rage at this man, he made it to the first line on the queue. I was filled with rage, but I am too conscious with great self-control to unleash abuses and curses on him like the rest passengers were doing. The best part of that evening was, ‘Mr Cheat’, after rushing to give his ticket said “Berger”.

The ticketer looked at him strangely, as everyone around him laughed. I laughed even more when his ticket was returned and he was redirected to the next bus stop to get a BRT bus going to Berger. That was the highlight of my journey that evening. After all he suffered, cutting corners just to get to his destination quick.

And then I thought, he was redirected not because he cut corners, but because he wasn’t in the right place to take him to his destination. Which leads me to the above topic, is there an easy way to success?

Yes! there is an easy way to success, in fact, long lasting success. But before you can get on the EASY WAY TO SUCCESS just ahead; you must get off the wrong Route that leads you to an unknown area of uncertainty, delayed outcomes and failure.

Here are warning signs that blinks WRONG Roads:

  • Doing anything just so you are doing something.
  • Waiting to take action steps until times get “better”.
  • Putting all your eggs in one basket. Such as, pursuing the only thing that you have always done in the past believing that you can’t do anything else and succeed.
  • Not seeking advancement beyond your last position in today’s current market conditions believing that it is not just realistic.
  • Taking anything that comes your way because that’s the best that anyone can hope for right now.

All the above represent some of the most common strategic difficulties that can undermine one’s success. The good news is, these attitudes and behaviors are within your power to change.

Just as energy drink is to jump start energy, so are there proven strategies that will not only jump start your success engine, but will provide the easy road to lasting success.


Being discerned is to be able to make right choices, actions and decisions. It is the ability to judge well even before it becomes a reality. This is a strong strategy that takes you beyond expectations. It is highly necessary you get conscious of where and how you are spending your energy. Here is the truth, the key to obtaining sustainable success is in understanding and practicing this principle of; Positive Energy ratio Exchange. In other words, for all energy output there must be a greater return of energy. And unless you are trying to be a philanthropist, the return of energy must be monetized according to a value evaluation that makes sense for your greater expansion and growth. If not so, you are creating a flat and unsustainable wealth and comfortable economy for yourself.


You have to be courageous in willingness to leave people, places and things that do not present or provide advantage to moving on into a successful atmosphere of increase and expansion. It is having a healthy sense of detachment and one of the best strategies to have for easy success. All it takes is courage.


Persistence is always the key to success. Do not allow yourself to rationalize a non-action state of life form because “times are slow”. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Note that there is always a next best action step to take in every circumstance and situation that will give birth to new opportunities.


Endeavour to take out time for personal inventory on all the wonderful abilities, gifts and talents you possess. It is a great strategy to showcase your talents in different forms, outlets or industries. By doing this, you can create a Success Ladder, and unleash the entrepreneur dwelling inside you.


Do the things that bring you a sense of enthusiasm, excitement, joy, fulfillment and inspiration to go on to greater prospect. If you choose otherwise, have enough strength to be realistic that what you are creating won’t provide you the sustainable wealth and well-being that you ultimately desire to achieve.

They say “the patient dog gets the fattest bone”, I say, “the person who gets the most is usually the one who is willing to do and dare.”

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