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Nice gifts have to be opened carefully and with being gifted come pressure.

The easiest part of being gifted is being gifted but the most difficult part is being in the company of those who don’t have what you have.

A dream is nothing more than a thought asking for permission to live.

The thing with being gifted is that you feel sorry for people, you choose friends who are not gifted because you feel it is your job to save people, you try to encourage everyone and lift everyone up.

The fallacy of gifted people is that they always give their gift away.

Key points

  1. Gifted people make mistake; it doesn’t matter how you start but all that matters is how you finish.
  2. Never wonder yourself down, cause people cannot handle you at a 100 proof.
  3. Being gifted you will be rejected, but your rejected stone, come to be the chief corner stone.
  4. Change the way you see yourself
  5. Being gifted is exhausting, and frustrating
  6. If you are gifted, there is a fight within you, which makes you feel insecure sometimes, you feel you can conquer but other times you feel the world is conquering you, then you become frustrated.

Gifts are often accompanied by discomforts so that the gifted doesn’t rest in the gift, you need not relent.

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