For popular musician Tekno, speaking in an American type accent probably proves his sophistication. But for his fans on Instagram, it is just annoying.

The Pana crooner released a video via his Instagram account showing him goofing around on what appears to be a music video set. What got people off was his accent while he was speaking in the video.

For those who do not know, Tekno born Augustine Kelechi Miles is from Ebonyi state. We know he has traveled outside the country but he hasn’t stayed abroad long enough to suddenly develop an accent.

Some fans noticed his sudden American accent and called him out. See their posts below:

Tekno’s accent is becoming a problem for some people
Tekno is big already his record deal with Sony Music is enough testament to this. There is absolutely no need for him to sound like a ‘wanna be’ musician. Be Nigerian and proud.

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