Success Isn’t a one-way street


We’ve all heard of one-hit wonders, people who achieve great success in a short amount of time, only to be followed by failure.

What makes success so hard to sustain? According to a speaker on a Ted Talk, the reason is that a lot of us think of success as a one-way street.

We work hard to get to success. Once we get there though, we get in a comfort zone. And we no longer put the efforts in doing the same things that got us up there. That is what happened with Richard as well. He got too comfortable, he stopped improving and decided just to sit back and relax.

Before he used to put his work and his clients above money. But once he was successful and got rich, money became more important to him.

He no longer did things that he was once passionate about. Although he wasn’t into management, he still did it. As he thought that being the president of his company it is what he must do. All this had a bad effect on his mental health.

I was outwardly very successful, and inwardly very depressed

Success is a continuous journey.

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