A Nigerian lady, Kachi Anifela Zion, has accused officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Ilorin of sexual molestation.

The lady narrated the events on her Instagram page, @69bars. She claimed the officers harassed and forcefully pushed her into a police truck.

Kachi said the SARS officials stopped her at ‘Pipeline area’ and asked why she had yahoo applications on her phone.

She said she was shocked when another SARS official, under the pretence of searching her, dipped his hand in her underwear.

She further revealed that the SARS official threatened to beat her if she shouted, adding that the officer continued to fondle, rough handle and humiliate her for several minutes.

She wrote, “He put his hands inside my bra, while I was shouting and trying to get out, he said he was going to beat me up if he heard another sound, amidst all my crying and struggles he rough handled me, dipped his hands in my pant, saying (no be today I start to dey see drugs for girl bra.”

She also said that a passerby who saw how she was being humiliated came down from his car to plead for her, however, he was chased away from the scene with a stern warning to mind his business.

“I begged to call my mother and they refused, seized my phone, one man even came down from his car to beg for me Nd they chased him away saying he should mind his business.

“I cried bitterly, this is one experience that’ has demoralized me the most. They were federal SARS, their patrol was at the the pipeline at about 9pm. I hate the police!!! #stopharrasmentSARS.”

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