A hidden reality

A bitter truth

A disregarded tale

Of an aged young man

An Ancient riddle

Illustrative in parables

The Fisherman’s trial of faith

A foretold story of an old Prophet

Alas! The Message often misunderstood,

Misinterpreted and misconceived

Of the Son of an unknown Carpenter

The Nazarene and a Bethelehimite

The symbol of the Cross we adored

With little or no regard for its symbolism

The disappearance of the mortal

The resurrection of the immortal

An emblem of a glorious Kingdom

Hidden in an earthly Clay

Devoid of pride and selfishness

But overwhelmed with humility

At the Calvary

Near the Golgotha

In between notorious criminals

It happened as foreseen

He was maligned, mocked and ridiculed

Through sweet and painful agony

He calmly went through a joyous pain

Though he was brawny and energetic 

He was undeservingly humiliated

Sarcastically interrogated

Impertinently fed and scourged

Cynically calmed and relaxed

No complain was heard

No curse laid

No defense put up

No war trumpet blown

He withstood all indignation

He could have resisted

He could have disappeared

Or like Elisha, made them blind

The lamb was dragged to the slaughter

Pierced and butchered publicly without humane

In the very presence of His Mother and the devotees

Yet consistently focused and undoubtedly loyal

He obediently endured the journey onto death

But death could not hold Him long

A world record was wrecked

His name now written in gold

A Perfect Servant Leader ever lived

The greatest Strategist of all ages

The Lamb, the Man Child, the Saviour

The only Channel to eternal glorious life.

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