Always arrive 10-20 minutes early. This will ensure that you are not nervous and will give you plenty of time to prepare. Make up your mind to SMILE! SMILE! SMILE through the interview because this is your final examination, you are not going to get the opportunity for a rain check, and therefore, you are going to get that job if your life depended on it.
• Make sure you take a trip to the rest room before you go in to check your hair, teeth, makeup, etc and also ensure you wash and dry your hands.
• Make sure you have plenty of breath mints handy. Bad breath is a sure way to turn off the interviewer; especially if the interview is behind closed doors.
• Check your nose hair, trim your eyebrows.
• Always make sure your hair is neatly trimmed and cut to a professional length. Curls and fluff will NOT get you through an interview.
• Men: No long hair, handle bar mustaches or overgrown beards. Keep it short and professional. You can always grow it back once you get the job! No earrings, thick gold chains, or nose rings either.
• Attitude: Make sure it is positive today. Use positive words, like yes, instead of no.
• Talk about your achievements: How your involvement saved or made the company money, reduced expenses, solved problems, saved time, trained users, show value to your employer.
• Always tell the truth
• Always be positive
• Take notes, but only after asking permission to do so.
• Ask lots of questions about what you will be doing, who you will interact with, about your role in current and future projects
• Exude confidence. (You are the expert on what you have done. Don’t be shy about your abilities).
• Take a copy of your references, and 3-4 copies of your resume to hand out to each interviewer. Also take copies of written references.
• If asked, give examples of when you failed and how you overcame the failure. Explain that you did not view this as failure; it was a learning experience.

Culled from Roadmap to Employment by Ekene Samuel
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