How To Overcome Obstacles


So many people ask this question. There could be millions of answers because each person has different obstacles. I’ll try to be generic in this post because it’s impossible to cover all the types of obstacles. If you want to learn how to overcome obstacles in your life and business, keep reading 😉

Many people look for the answer to “How To Overcome Obstacles” question but most of them don’t even know what their obstacles are. Some of the people get used to having a lot of obstacles and they blame the obstacles for their lack of growth.

The only way to overcome an obstacle is to fight through it. I think you expected me to say that, didn’t you? Actually going through an obstacle in Some cases is impossible, so I don’t recommend going through any taught obstacle.

Why Do We Get So Many Obstacles In Life?

I believe that we get many obstacles simply to show the universe how bad we want to achieve that goal. It’s easy to say “I want this” or “I will achieve this”. Words are empty without action and emotional attachments, so if you walk around just saying your goals and what you want it does nothing. Then one day you get to the point where you really want to achieve something. You don’t walk much about it, but deep inside you, the fire starts to burn. This is the point where everything could go wrong, this is the point where you get huge obstacles in front of you. Why? Because the universe is willing to give you what you want, but you need to prove that you really want it.

If you can stay focused on your goal even if you get tons of obstacles it’s a sign to the universe that this thing or goal is what you really want. If you can’t handle and you give up that dream because it’s too hard, it means you didn’t really want it.

Another reason why we get so many obstacles during the entrepreneurial journeyis to build our strength and skills. Let’s say that your goal is to become a millionaire. This is an awesome goal, but what happens if you become a millionaire but your skills are not good enough to keep that money or to use it well? What if your mindset is set to spend all the money on the fancy toys only?

I think the universe would want to give that million to someone who will use it well and maybe could help some people with that money. I am not saying that you can’t buy shining toys. When you reach the million dollars, of course, you need to get a reward for your hard work, but there are many people who except buying some nice toys will use that money to multiple the million and help poor people in Africa for example.

People who have not ready to succeed mindset would think now “When I become a millionaire, of course, I will help people in Africa or in my own country”. If you are this kind of person then let me ask you, when is the last time you bought a sandwich for a poor person or a homeless? You don’t need millions to start helping.


Again, Words without Action are empty and worthless.

How To Overcome Obstacles

Before I get to how to overcome obstacles I wanna make sure that you realize that it’s so easy to give an advice to someone. Do you realize that? If someone asks you a question because they are stuck in life you can quickly come up with an advice. It means you are a smart person and you have all the necessary answers. Congrats! But somehow you can’t give an advice to yourself, why! Why don’t you listen to your own advice?

I think it’s because you don’t trust yourself. You’ve made a lot of mistakes in your life and now the trust to your own self and the knowledge you have is almost gone. When you give an advice to someone, they don’t know your past and you Want them to trust you. That’s why you can give an advice as being fully confident that the advice is good.

Imagine a situation, where a 23 years old woman is 25 kg overweight but she wants to become a photo model. Clearly, the weight is a huge obstacle that stops her from becoming a photo model. What kind of advice would you give to that woman?
Probably you can tell her to Lose Weight, or don’t care about weight and find a model job where they need chubby models.
Imagine another situation, where a 55-year-old man want to start an online business but he doesn’t even know how to turn on the PC. He heard that you can make money online working from how but he is a total Non-tech person. What advice would you give to him?

Just curious if you noticed. It’s not about Overcoming The Obstacle, it’s about finding a Solution that will destroy the obstacle. If that woman, really wants to become a photo model she needs to lose weight. She can’t “Overcome” that obstacle by getting a knife and starting to cut off the fat body parts. She can destroy the obstacle by starting a diet. Yes, it takes time but it’s worth it to achieve the dream.

If you are struggling in your business or life because you have so many obstacles, stop thinking how to avoid obstacles. Start thinking about a solution when the obstacles appear. Do you want to know a secret of success? Create an Obstacle Destroying solution before the Obstacle Appears 😉 This way you will never have obstacles. Yes, it takes a bit more efforts but how your life would look like if you didn’t have obstacles or if you could have 70% fewer obstacles than now?


If that woman was careful and instead of eating McDonnalds 4 times a week was eating normal dinner she probably would not gain so much weight. You may think, “but 1 year ago she didn’t want to be a photo model!”. True, but what benefits she got by getting fat? None! Could she prevent the obstacle to show? Yes, she could, by choosing the final benefit. (a) A tasty meal that finishes in 7 min and getting fat or (b) eats something delicious as well but healthy and stays fit.

It’s not about the obstacles or even habits. It’s all about the right choice.

Destroy the obstacle before it appears but if it appeared, don’t focus on running away or giving up. Focus on the solution to totally get rid of the obstacle!

If you can’t go over the stone, find a way to destroy it!

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