The month of December is a time to love and share. This is more of the case with millions of Christians across the world who set the month aside to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. But just like any other month of love and celebration, the month of December is never the month for setting a girl for a date. And this is especially the case for some single men.


1. High cost of living December is a month which most single guys cut down on their budget so as to make up for the new year. To this end, getting a new girlfriend is a no-go for single guys since they just are not financially prepared to date a lady on such occasions.

2. More time to hang out with the boys Christmas is a moment that people bond and make up for lost times and in the case for young and single guys, this is the opportune time for them to meet up with their past buddies from school or even college. Dating a lady in such times is just a no-go for them.


3. Partying Christmas is never complete without parties and picnics. For most single guys, this is the time to show off their fashion skills and also display their funky nature without having to pretend in front a lady out on a date.

4. More time with family For most young and single guys, the festive season is a special time for them to bond with family and friends. What this means is that they just will not have ample time for a lady let alone a date.

5. Renewing relationship with God Whenever the year comes to an end, most people begin renewing their commitment to God. This spiritual engagement often happens especially with young men who wish to start their spiritual journey on a new life.


6. Plans for the new year The month of December is a ripe moment for people to set out their plans for the new year. What this means is that most persons will either be cutting off habits that held them back in the previous years and definitely sexual sins will be part of them. Dating a guy during Christmas comes with several heartbreaks as guys are most uncertain of their love lives during this time.  Source: Pocket News

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