Habit is a usual way of behaviour; more importantly, something one does in a regular or repeated pattern. Habits are basically what you love doing irrespective of its effect either positive or negative.

Mariam Webster,


Habit can be innate or picked up overtime by observation or from the influence of our immediate environment.

It no news that persistence is one of the keys that bores success, the question is, persistence in what?

The answer is, persistence in good habits, attitude and actions that always yield positive result.


For you to be successful in life you need to be conscious of negative habits that are detrimental to your growth. Nobody is free of negative behavioural imprint, but there are major ones that can stand as a stumbling block to your progress in life. Some  of which have been discussed below:

  1. Lack of an Organized Daily Routine: It is not enough to wake up and live the day as it comes. Most people have no pattern or routine for their everyday life which makes it difficult for them to be in control especially in making adequate use of their time as it passes by. If people were asked the following questions:


What time do you wake up every morning?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

What is your plan for the bright new day?

What time is your bedtime?


70% of their responses would be discouraging and irrelevant. That is why the ladder of success is not for everyone. To reach the utmost height of success in any works of life, you need to take control of your day. Being an early riser is not just a title, it is highly necessary, especially to aid the planning of your day. If you cultivate the habit of planning day, you will be able to measure your achievement at the end of the day and know what to improve on, it especially helps you keep track of your achievement and progress.

  1. Undefined Source of Happiness: Have you ever been told that the power to do more and exceedingly well is in the ability to discover what makes you happy and pushing towards it? Well now you know. Most people don’t have a defined source of happiness which makes their daily existence become a hard core task because they don’t have a source of inspiration. You need to be able to define your source of happiness. This will help you take on challenges as they come, with ease.

Your source of happiness could be a loved one, job, passion, aspirations and dreams, but if any of these does not make you happy you can make ACHIEVING SUCCESS your source of happiness, that is probably your best bet. Always keep in mind the comfort and joy you will get from conquering and surpassing excellently in whatever you do. Those kinds of thoughts will definitely give you the kind of push you need with an unwavering amount of confidence.

  1. Lack of Focus and Self-worth: You are not worthless.No matter who you are or the position you find yourself, you need to always know that you are of great value.  We all have a great purpose to contribute to the grand scheme of things on planet earth. Not identifying one’s self-worth often lead to lack of focus and concentration. You need to sit and identify your strength, place a purpose in focus, and take note of the potential you possess that can set you in motion to achieve what you want to achieve. Put all your focus on one course and avoid distractions.
  2. Scared to take Risk: “Great things never come from comfort zones”. The feeling of being simple is great, no doubt about that. But the ability to be free and explore all risk is heavenly. Risk doesn’t necessarily mean engaging in dangerous activities or negative act that you already know the bad consequences. Risk in this context means challenging your imaginations, breaking bounds to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Stop being a mediocre. The only thing standing between you and your success is the lie you keep telling yourself that you can’t achieve it.
  3. Surrounding Yourself with Negativity: It is a common saying that no man is an Island, and another common saying that evil communication corrupts good manners. This means as much as we are not supposed to be alone, we should also surround ourselves with good people with a positive mind-set.

Connect with people of like minds as they determine the energy that surrounds you. Find people and places that always bring out the best in you and make you see positivity brightness. You should also learn to trust and appreciate others for little things.

As best as possible avoid bottled up emotions, always say how you feel with cautious words; doing otherwise will only lead to uncalled provocation or explosion causing a paranoid and depleted self-worth. Above all, stop comparing yourself to others discard the self-pity saga, they are all lies that takes you now where.


It is important to note that these habits are common among poor and unsuccessful individuals. Pointing them out is not to scare you that you are unsuccessful, but to make you watchful of yourself now. Desist from these terrible habits and strive hard be a better person, success is just at the tip of your finger.


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