1. Be yourself

The right friends are those who choose to love and accept you just the way you are. They’re not alarmed by your flaws, and neither do they try to change you into someone you’re not.

It is said that “birds of the same feather flock together.” When you pretend and hide your true personality in order to be liked or accepted, you’re being fake. The problem with that is you’ll attract people who are fascinated by such personality and character. They won’t love YOU, they’ll only be drawn to the person you’re acting to be.

Dare to be yourself. Do not be shy about your hobbies and fantasies. Talk about what you love and you’ll attract those who share same passions and interests as you.

2. Do not try too hard to be kind

Being kind is good, very good as a matter of fact. But being too kind at the detriment of your well-being and peace of mind is poor judgement, and a risk too expensive to bear. You can be rest assured that your life span will be cut short if you make it an habit to please or be good to everybody at all times.

Most people might turn sour when you stop answering yes to their every request and choose to do something outside their expectation. But the right kinds of friends can’t be bought by good deeds. They are attracted to those who do not try to seek their approval, but are comfortable in airing their opinions without compromise, and are bold enough to act their minds even if it means saying no.

3. Set up standards and stick to them

Standards and principles are like boundaries that prevent unwanted personalities into our lives. Principles are what we hold to be true and worthy of following. They govern our lifestyle and guide us along our various paths.

Our standards and principles are how we distinguish between what we view as positive and right and what we consider wrong or obscene. Do not accept any kind of behavior from people that goes against your values or beliefs.

With this simple tip you’ll be able to attract those share same values and principles as you.

4. Keep developing yourself

To attract the right people, you should try to be one yourself. Friendship isn’t about what you expect to gain from the other person, but about what you can contribute to their development and prosperity as well. You can’t contribute anything positive or meaningful to the growth of someone else if you haven’t made any positive investments in yourself first.

Be the best version of yourself and keep learning ways to grow. Do not seek gains or place too many expectations on people, for the best friendship isn’t “self-seeking.” It’s about giving and contributing to the success of someone else.

Be the best version of yourself and you’ll attract others who believe the same.

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